How I am managing quarantine alone


Sharing details on how I am managing quarantine alone along with my watch list + tips to avoid over eating

Hi loves! One way or another, quarantine has impacted out lives. As such, we need to make the most of our new norms for the time being. Today, I wanted to share some of my tips on how I am managing quarantine alone. For the time being, I am not staying with anyone besides me, myself and I.

How I am staying in touch with friends & family

  • FaceTime wine and coffee dates
  • Snapchat
  • House Party – it’s an interactive app that allows you to play games through your phone or computer.
  • GamePigeon via Iphone Messages – those games get intense! To make the game more fun, FaceTime your friends as you play the game. The game gets loud fast!
  • ZOOM calls

How I am keeping myself over eating:

  • Stay hydrated: drinking lots of water
  • Portion controlling everything I eat. Even my snacks.
  • Exercising – whether it’s meditation or yoga, I’m keeping my body busy to stop myself from eating out of boredom.
  • Check out my Tiktok that explains 3 ways to avoid eating during quarantine

What I’m watching on Netflix

  • On my Block – an all Latino cast with a great, suspensive story that has lots of heart too?! Yes please
  • Jane the Virgin – I’ve seen this show over and over. It makes me laugh, has lots of heart and is well written.
  • Ozark – suspensive and highly recommended. It’s going to be hard for me not to binge this series in one day!
  • Tiger King – by far the most ridiculous thing I have seen but super entertaining lol.
  • The Good Place – it’s smart and it’s funny.
  • Once Upon a Time – a show I can watch over and over again.

What I am watching on Amazon Prime:

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – I’ve been missing out to say the least!
  • White Chicks – classic and hilarious
  • She was Pretty – a Korean soap opera that one of my friends got me hooked out. The only down side is you have to buy the 1st episode then the rest are free.
  • The Birdcage – you can’t go wrong with a Robin Williams movie.
  • Funny Face – a classic Audrey Hepburn movie that is just as charming as she is.

What I am watching on Disney+

  • Moana – my feel good go-to movie
  • Frozen 2 – Olaf is so funny in this one
  • Onward – it’s on Disney+ as of Friday, April 3!
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum – he’s so wonderfully weird which makes the show such a delight to watch.

In conclusion

Being quarantined alone can be a great opportunity for self-growth. By staying connected with friends and family, I don’t feel alone. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days were I struggle with staying positive. Let’s face it, it come with the territory of uncertainty and fear we are all dealing with. In addition to staying in touch with my closest friends, I make an effort to eat well and exercise to keep myself busy.

Fortunately, I am still able to meet with my therapist virtually. Every week, I am sharing notes from my therapy sessions each week on my Instagram. Feel free to check them out and if you have any questions you would like me to address with my therapist, let me know! I’m here to help. Stay safe loves!

Feel free to check out my latest quarantine skincare obsession with Farmacy products!


New product brand review: Farmacy

Sharing details on a new product brand review: Farmacy that were sent to me courtesy of Farmacy.

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during quarantine. With some extra time being spent at home, now is a perfect time to crack down on your fabulous skin care routine. Before quarantine I received some products from Farmacy. So here it is! My new product brand review on Farmacy’s products.

FARMACY GREEN CLEAN makeup meltaway cleaning balm

When I announced on Instagram that Farmacy sent me some of their best products, a lot of my friends freaked out. That’s because Farmacy’s meltaway cleaning balm is one of Sephora’s most popular products. My sensitive, oily skin (that also suffers from rosacea) did not break out. It glides on so smoothly without leaving a oily residue – something that I rarely find in cleanings balms.

Bottom line: Great for all skin types, easy to use and takes off makeup in one simple sweep. 


GREEN CLEAN makeup meltaway cleaning balm

FARMACY HONEYMOON GLOW Aha resurfacing night serum

I love a great night serum when I can find one. I am amazed to notice that my pores are significantly smaller ever since I started using Farmacy’s night serum. It feels so silky to apply on your face. I will say this: DO NOT use this serum after exfoliating your face. When I applied this serum after exfoliating it made my skin feel like it was stinging.

Botton line: This is an amazing night serum that actually gives great results. 


HONEYMOON GLOW Aha resurfacing night serum

FARMACY CHEER UP brightening vitamin C eye cream

Vitamin C is a vital ingredient to have in our skin routines – especially if you are in your 20s. I love how light this eye cream is. It so feel to luxurious to put. My recommendation is to apply this on after you apply the night serum. I like to use an ice roller once my night serum and eye cream to help relax my face. Don’t forget to add retinol to your skin routine too!


CHEER UP brightening vitamin C eye cream

Bottom line: This eye cream works well, is light and the addition to have vitamin C makes it a great product to have for younger looking skin. 

I feel so honored to have had a chance to try some of Farmacy’s best products. Thank you Farmacy! I have become a believer of Farmacy’s quality. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. All opinions are my own. 



If you love wine you’ll love this

Untitled design (18)timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-If-you-love-wine-youll-love-thistimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-If-you-love-wine-youll-love-this-2020-WINCtimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-If-you-love-wine-youll-love-this-2020

I’m partnering with WINC again to share this fabulous subscription service for my fellow wine lovres. Plus, learn more about how you can get $22 off your first box!

Hello friends! Late last year, I began a amateur wine consumer. I was lucky to partner with WINC wine subscription box and I’m excited to do it be partnering with them again to share wines from my latest box. 

So what is WINC?

WINC is a wine subscription box. After you fill out an online palette quiz, WINC pairs you up with wines that fit your profile or you can select the wines you want. The subscription is $48 a month (this number includes the $9 shipping fee) for 3 bottles of wine. If you chose to get 4 or more, shipping is included in the cost. You can get details about my experience and my first WINC box by checking out this post.

What I love about it 

I love that WINC’s website makes it super easy to try new wines from different parts of the world. My personal favorite so far has been my 2018 Mercana Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. I generally don’t care for red wines but this was one I really enjoyed. I will be completely honest, had I not had this subscription I never would have tried it. In the past I always thought I only like white wines. As such, it’s fun to expand on wine tasting experience! 

It’s the best for gift giving 

In my first post written about WINC during the holidays, I wrote about how this subscription is one of the best gifts (and I meant it). In other words, if you are struggling to find a great gift for someone in your life that loves wine, I guarantee they will love this! Think about it: you pay for the subscription than WINC does all the work for you. No need to worry about wrapping a gift because it will be shipped right to their house! 

In the end..

Whether you are a wine expert or wine amateur, this is a subscription that you will be sure to love. If you want to try WINC, you can get $22 off your $48 box.

Click here to access WINC’s $22 Off Membership Promotion

A special thank you to WINC for sponsoring this post and for partnering with me again. All opinions are my own. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram with any questions you may have! 

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Self-shooting photography: the basics


Being an influencer and photographer, I have spent several years doing self-shooting photography. There are so many pros (and cons) to self-shooting that I want to highlight this week. So let’s get to it!


You don’t have to have the latest and greatest when it comes to your equipment. In fact, for the past 3 years I have been using a small Nikon D3200 DSL camera to capture my images. My secret? Investing in a 50MM f1.8 lens. This type of lens is super affordable and are great for lifestyle photos. I use them a lot with my fashion posts.

This is what you will need for self-shooting:

  • Camera – In the past I used a Nikon D3200. My camera of choice is now the Sony A7.
  • Lens – My favorite is the 50mm f 1.8 lens for Nikon & Sony
  • Remote shutter – under $15 and can be purchased with Amazon prime for Nikon & Sony
  • SD card – another Amazon prime item or you can price match at Target. I like the 128 GB because it has a lot of storage.
  • Tripod – this was the first one I ever bought
  • Lightroom – you can purchase a year subscription via Best Buy or purchase a monthly subscription for $9.99 on Adobe’s website.


  • Shoot whenever and wherever you want. As a full time worker, this has allowed me to creative content at the mercy of my schedule.
  • Edit your images to match your aesthetic of your feed and page
  • Save money but shooting your images instead of shooting with a photographer.


  • Time – you will use a lot of it especially in the beginning. You will have to familiarize yourself with your equipment, learn how to take great photos and learn how to edit them. When you hire a photographer, you are paying them to edit your photos based on their experience – something you are sacrificing when you shoot on your own.
  • It’s expensive, especially in the beginning. A used camera will start at a minimum of $400 if you are lucky. This does not include the cost of a tripod, the shutter remote and lens.
  • Learning Lightroom is not for the faint of heart. Even after 3 years of taking my own photos, I still feel like there is always something new I am learning. Lightroom can get overwhelming and confusing. Like any new skill, it takes time to learn.


Self-shooting can be a great asset to your business but you have to understand this: it’s an investment financially and can be time consuming. If you have always wanted to be a photographer, self shooting is a great way to feed into this amazing hobby. It’s also important to note that like any new skill, taking your own photos take time. Consider this is you are looking to be a self-shoot photographer. I hope this inspires you to pick up your camera and give self-shooting a try.

You can an example of some of my self-shooting photo from last weeks post about dresses for your next interview.




Dresses to help you at your next interview


Sharing details on dresses to help you at your next interview. Dresses were gifted to me courtesy of Maggy London).

When it comes to interviewing for the job, confidence is key. Once of the most important things to remember is this: you only have one chance to make a good first impression so make it count. That being said, I believe it is better to be overdressed than under when it comes to interviews. That is why this week I am sharing dresses to help you at your next interview and feel confident.

Margo Midi dress 

If you want to feel like a duchess, this is the dress for you! The short sleeves and midi length make it an excellent dress to wear at interviews. If you are petite, you can get this dress in regular sizing as long as you size down. For example, I am a size 2P in dresses so I got my margo midi dress in regular size 0.


Gracie full skirt dress

If you are someone who does not to show off your arms, this is the dress for you! The lining in the front gives it is fun, feminine flair to it. The fabric is also super sturdy which makes it the perfect dress for winter interviews.


Diane pleated dress

Make a statement in floral prints. If you are bold, chose a floral or plaid patterned dress that help you leave a lasting impression at your next interview. This dress is one of my personal favorites because of the skirt. It flows so nicely as you want in it. You can see the motion of this dress from one of my holiday posts.


Cherie shirt dress 

A dress that stands the test of time! I love the pattern on this particular cherie shirt dress because it gives the illusion of extra height (super important for petite women).



How to stay motivated when you work from home


Sharing details on how to stay motivated when you work from home

Do you work from home a lot? The struggle can be real when it comes to staying focused on your goals. So today, I wanted to share my tips on how to stay motivated when you work from home with a few, simple steps. These steps will help you find clarity and allow you to work free of distractions.


We all need structure to stay productive and working from home is no exception. Take a few minutes every morning to plan out your day. Give yourself time to write out your goals, pencil in meetings and make time for coffee breaks and lunch. I find that writing my goals out by the hour on my Google calendar makes a world of difference!


PRO TIP: If you remember things better with a physcial paper planner, get one! I find that I remember things better by also writing them down.


A clean desk is a happy desk! I find that when my desk is cluttered with too many things on it, I can’t keep my mind focused on my tasks ahead (because I’m too guilty about the mess that is around). Marie Kondo your desk by making sure the only things on it are items you need readily available are there plus things that bring you joy. For example, I have pictures of the people I love along with pens, a notebook and stick notes with notes I write myself motivation.



There is nothing worse that turning on your laptop to files that literally cover up your desktop background. I have a simple 5 day challenge that will help you clean out your computer in a breeze. Feel free to print out this sheet or save it to your phone for reference.



This one is a tricky one for me as a content creator. Since I spend a lot of my time on social media, it is tempting to have my phone next to me at all time. Here’s the thing though: with your phone constantly buzzing from Snapchat, texts or email notification, you are going to get lose and overwhelmed into your phone. Turn it off or put it in another room.


Everyone has mixed feelings about what to wear when it comes to work. Some need to be in business casual to be productive. Others in their pjs. My advice would be to pay attention to what clothes make you feel the most comfortable. If looking glamorous makes you more productive, go for it! Personally, I am a pjs kind of gal. As long as I don’t do work from my bed, I am super productive!

I hope these tips provide some help insight on how you can be more productive from work. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, be sure to check out my Galentine’s Day brunch design idea that is easy to put together and super affordable!




Galentine’s Day brunch design idea

timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-how-to-create-a-galentines-day-photoshoot-2020-valentines-daytimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-how-to-create-a-galentines-day-photoshoot-2020timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-galentines-Day brunch design ideas

Sharing details on how to create a Galentine’s Day brunch from the comfort of your home!

Ah Valentine’s Day. It’s either just another day or a day that you dread am I right? Last week, I decided to do a fun Galentine’s Day brunch. As such, I wanted to share details on how to create a Galentine’s. Spoiler alert: It’s super easy and inexpensive.

The props 

The items we had to go out and by included:

  • Heart shaped balloons (I got ours from the dollar store)
  • Paper straws
  • Cotton candy
  • Roses
  • Valentine’s Day candies
  • Whimsical cards
  • Transparent tape

The items we got from both of our houses included:

  • champagne glasses with long stems
  • Procecco
  • our dresses and outfits

Setting up the backdrop

We first started by putting up the balloons and roses with the transparent tape. The only other touch we added was having balloons on the floor along with extra roses for an extra feminine touch.

Having the right equipment

To capture the images of this shoot, I had to put my self-shooting photography skills to the test.

  • Camera
    • Sony alpha A7 is the one that we used for these photos.
  • Remote
  • Tripod

Galentine’s Day drink 

Nothing says Galentine’s Day like some fun, festive drinks! Below I have a simple form that will help you create these adorable drinks.


See how easy it is to re-create this Galentine’s Day brunch? In this instance, less is more! I hope this simple photoshoot idea will inspire you to create your own in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day gift ideas to inspire you for festive gift ideas. Also be sure to check out my Instagram for sneak peak of upcoming Galentine/Valentine’s Day ideas.