How to Clean out Your Closet for Spring Cleaning

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Need help with cleaning out your closet? Here are some tips to help you out.

It is time to be out with the old and in with the new. But before you go to update your wardrobe or make new cleaning solutions to your rooms, let’s go over some things that you can get rid of before you get anything new (your wallet will thank me for this!)

I work part-time in retail. That being said, I know how easy it is to clutter your closet space with clothes and other trinkets when you are getting dirt cheap deals from your employer. Now that spring is on it’s way, it’s time to see what items to keep and what items to get rid off.

First, start off by putting aside four boxes or bags: One for the items you are going to keep, one to put things in storage, one set aside for donations and the other to throw away broken or unnecessary items. These four bags or boxes will help you to make more room in your closet.

Next, put aside all the items you are going to put into storage. Now that spring is coming, take into consideration your heavy winter clothing. Those can be put into your storage bag. Keep one heavy winter jacket in case a stray snow flurry or two happens to sneak it’s way between now and April. Heavy articles of clothing can also be added to this bag. Also consider your winter boots and other snow gear that may be taking up extra room in your closet.

Now on to the items that you can donate. This is a great service that you can do for your community. Also keep in mind any family or friends who could really use a donation of some of the articles of clothing you are no longer using. When you are going through your closet, think about the articles of clothing you use often. Are there some items in your closet that you think are cute but never use? These items would be great to donate to someone who could really use it!

Ok, now it’s time to look at items to toss. I have a mother that happens to be a seamstress, so if a shirt or dress needs patching up, I can always have her fix an outfit. Seamstresses can be very expensive (and it may be time to get ride of those clothes from high school that you don’t use anymore). Go through some of your clothes and take note of a few things:

  • Are they stained?
  • Are they damaged in any way?
  • Are the seams of this piece coming undone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to get rid of those pieces. I like to cut up old t-shirts to use as rags for when I wash my car. You might be able to find other ways to recycle your old, unwanted clothing. Be sure to check out Pinterest for other creative ideas to re-use your old t-shirts for yourself or even your pet. There are some crafty people out there!

Finally, it’s time to decide on the items you are going to keep. Be strong! Remember, you are looking to add for closet space and de-clutter your home (and possibly add to your wardrobe later lol). Take into consideration the following:

  • Basics: Here, I am taking about plain colored t-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeve shirts. These are great pieces to keep because they can be used for all outfits types. Whether you are going out on a girls day or have a date night, these pieces are always going to be useful.
  • Special occasion outfits: Ok, let’s face it. You are not going to be going to a wedding or party every single month. So why hang on to a dress that you are only going to use once? Take a look at the dresses that you wear often and the ones that you do not use at all. If there are some dresses that you have not used at all last season, it may be time to donate them. If you do have any special occasions coming up, considering use Rent the Runway. You can rent designer dresses for a few days and then return the dress when you are finished. If you are going to spend money on a new dress anyway, you might as well rent one as opposed to buying a dress that will just collect dust in your closet.
  • Usage of  your outfit: How often do you use some of your dresses or shirts? Really think about the pants, shirts, and dresses that you use often. What about those articles of clothing that you never use? If you find that you are not using some of the clothes in your closet, it’s time to let those items go (it’s not like you are going to use them any time soon!)
  • Shoes: Take a look at some of your favorite shoes. If you have a great pair shoes that are worn out, consider which ones that you want to have repaired and which pairs of shoes you want to have donated or tossed.

I hope these tips help you get rid of some unwanted clutter. A neat closet is a happy one! Now go ahead and add some new pieces to your wardrobe (with discipline of course). Good luck with the rest of your spring cleaning!


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  1. 2.27.16

    I really want to use Rent the Runway. I’ve heard such great things about it! I think its time for me to let go of some of my dressy dresses! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this post!


    • 2.27.16
      ncmedina said:

      Thanks, hun! Good luck with the dress hunting. 🙂