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Hola familia! I am certainly a woman who likes to receive things in the mail. My previous experience with Stitch Fix made me curious to find out more about Trunk Club. It shares a lot of similarities to Stitch Fix  but also a plethora of differences. Now, let’s see if Trunk Club is right for you.

Trunk Club much like Stitch Fix, pairs you with a personal stylist. For anyone who has tried Stitch Fix, the only way to communicate with your stylist is through the Stitch Fix website.  Trunk Club offers you several ways to communicate with your stylist: through their app, e-mail, text, and even by giving them a phone call. This extra attention certainly gave my stylist Maren a great sense of my style and what I wanted for my first box.


timeless_optimist_cupcakes_and_cashmere_Wink_Stripe_Scoop_Neck Top_nordstrom_petite_fashion_fringe_purse.jpg
Shirt: Cupcakes and Cashmere

My stylist Maren called me a few days after I signed up for my first Trunk Club. She was super enthusiastic to get to know me and what my personal style is. The packaging of Trunk Club is very different from Stitch Fix. Two pairs of shoes were in my box along with several articles of clothing.

final 2

Boy, did she pay attention to every detail that I gave her! I expressed to Maren my love of floral prints, fringe, and strips. She was sure to add each of these elements inside my box. I will say this, it was extremely hard for me to part with a lot of the items in this box.

timeless_optimist_petite_fashion_Belted_Floral_Faille_Sheath_Dress_nordstrom_trunk_club_review .jpg
Unboxing my first Trunk Club. How gorgeous is this Eliza J dress!?

Maren was very frank with me by saying that the price range of Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are far different. Indeed, Trunk Club is a bit more expensive per item. Maren explained that the clothes and dresses that are sent through Trunk Club are Nordstrom quality and pricing. Needless to say, one of the gorgeous pairs of jeans that Maren sent where $200 dollars. It is a shame because both pairs of jean sent fit like a glove.

When I saw this shirt in my e-mail I was a little skeptical. I had a pleasant surprise when I realized that Maren had made an excellent choice. The water-colored design of this Cupcakes and Cashmere shirt is stunning and fit me perfectly!

All in all, I am extremely happy with my first experience with Trunk Club. One thing that sets this company apart from Stitch Fix is that you do receive an e-mail before you get your box that shows what is coming (and what you can ask your stylist not to add). Trunk Club also offers personalized communication with you and your stylist. Stitch Fix charges you a $20 stylist fee that is a credit you can put towards a purchase you may get through your Fix. Trunk Club does not charge a stylist fee, so if you truly do not want to purchase anything, you are not obligated to do so. Since the price range is a little higher, I would differently recommend Trunk Club is you are looking to add pieces to your wardrobe for a special occasion (or if you want to indulge in some much-needed shopping without leaving home).

Maren even added the perfect summer maxi dress with a removable belt to my first Trunk Club. Dress: Eliza J.

When you decide to get your first Trunk Club, be sure to be specific with your wants, needs, and style of fashion. Mention to your stylist your favorite prints (Aztec, stripes, etc). Also, be sure to include information about yourself like your body shape, what celebrity’s fashion you look up to, etc. This information will help your stylist find you the right pieces. I can tell you from my experience that whoever your stylist may be, they will not disappoint you.

Thank- you Maren!

This post has been updated as of 06/29/16. Maren is no longer with Trunk Club. My new stylist is Dana, who is also a fantastic stylist! 

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