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Hi loves! If you live on the east coast, chances  you have been facing rainy weather and grey skies in the past couple of days. This can make it difficult to find the right outfit for work or school. Since I am always cold, my go-to fashion accessory of choice is a scarf. Even on a sunny day like today, a scarf is a great accessory to spice up your wardrobe. Today, I found a way to add some more color (and sparkle) to the beloved accessory.



I was introduced to Gina (the founder of Sinchi Scarf) a few weeks ago by one of my favorite college professors. Talk about someone who has a passion for scarves in the fashion world! She decided to start Sinchi Scarf because of her love for accessories. I was introduced to Gina by one of my favorite college professors and she is by far one of the kindest souls have had the pleasure of meeting. She graced my mailbox with new scarfs to accessorize with Sinch Scarf jewels of different colors.

Jewel: Sinchi Scarf  Top: Express
I absolutely love the look and design of these jewels. It is an easy accessory to use. When you use the jewel, it has teeth that allow the jewel to stay on safely on your scarf. This jewel also has a lot of versatility. You can also attach this beautiful jewel to your purses or even use them to decorate for centerpiece additions and table settings. Gina offers many different ways to accessorize with Sinchi Scarf on her Instagram.



The Sinchi Scarf jewel is now one of my go-to accessories. The Sinchi Scarf jewel comes in many different colors and designs. As a petite fashion lover, I am always thrilled to try on new accessories. Whether you are 4’8 or 6’2, a scarf and the Sinchi Scarf jewel are great accessories for women of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. 5.12.16
    Gina Daly said:

    What a wonderful feature! Thank you so much for your great review of Sinchi™ – I am so flattered that you love them and your kind words about me – you are just the sweetest! It’s been quite a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing to share your great style, poise and unique perspective in a saturated fashion world! Timeless Optimist – you are not just not a petite fashion blogger – but the whole style experience Thank you, C! Best – Gina Daly