How to Avoid Going Overboard with Sale Events

Everyone loves a great sale, right? Sometimes the price of a pair or jeans or a shirt are enough to get us to purchase them. I have found that in the past, however, that sale items can cause quite a bit of clutter in my closet. There have been instances where I will purchase something on sale and wind up never using it. Fear not! These are some tips that I use everyday to help avoid going overboard with sale events in stores:

Have a budget set aside.

One of the best ways to avoid going too crazy at sale racks is to make sure you have a budget set aside. Depending on the store, I will give myself a $100 or $200 spending limit. Setting aside a budget will help ensure that you are picking out items that you are truly going to end up using.

Pick items based on your current profession/job.

This may sound a little crazy but hear me out. I spend most of my week at work where we are expected to dress business causally. As such, my time spent in strapless dresses, jeans, and graphic tees are very limited. I like to keep this in mind when I am shopping. So when you are at your next clearance rack, take a moment to think about how often you are truly going to use the item you are picking up. While that dress or skirt you have in your hand may be beautiful, it might just end up collecting dust in your closet.

Shop with a friend.

I love shopping with my best friend because we keep each other grounded. We will make sure that each one of us stays on budget. Who better than your best friend to tell you whether or not a outfit choice looking great on you or best to leave behind? Plus, a shopping day with you best friend is sure to be one filled with laughs and new memories.


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