BR Short-Sleeve Lace Top + AG ‘Erin’ Cutoff Denim Skirt

In life things are certainly not going to go as planned. Earlier this week, I certainly had some curveballs that were thrown at me. As I was getting ready for my shoot, I decided to go home and get some additional accessories, shoes, etc. It turns out that my driveway was blocked off for the day due to construction. So I had to make due with whatever I had with me in my car!



The shoot started off well. Even though it was insanely hot, somehow my makeup stayed on and the photos were turning out great. After I went to change into my third outfit in my photographer’s car, I suddenly felt a sharp pinch. I panicked because I was sure I was stung by a wasp. I felt around my shoulder and felt a long, worm looking bug on my shoulder! I started to scream and my photographer ran over to take a look. The worm I was feeling was one off of a fishing hook and the hook was what was causing the pain. In my scurry to change, the hook got stuck in my shoulder! So the shoot ended with me at a medical express to get it out. Needless to say, things are not always going to go as planned. Nonetheless, I can now laugh about it. My clumsiness has officially taken to a whole new level!

Top: Banana Republic (SOLD OUT) | Skirt: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nordstrom | Necklace: Express (OLD) | Nail Color: OPI in Koala Berry | Lipcolor: LOREAL Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color in Timeless Rose.

Anyway, now that I have shared my story let’s dive into the review. The short-sleeve lace top that I have on is by Banana Republic. Within the span of a few weeks the top got sold out. However, this is the second time this year that the top was available for purchase so I will be sure to keep an eye out for all of you when it is back in stock. This top does not come in petite sizes. I originally purchased the top as an extra small but it was far too tight (for me anyway). I ended up returning the xs for a size small. As far as maintenance is concerned, I am making sure that I hand wash it. You can totally get away with wearing a bralette with this shirt as it has great coverage under all the lace.


The skirt that I paired with this lace top is the AG ‘Erin’ Cutoff Denim Skirt (Sail Away). It’s literally a demin pencil skirt. With the how hot it has been in the east coast, the last think I want to wear is pants or even shorts. I am wearing the skirt in a size 27. To finish the look I chose my Hinge’Drea’ Peep Toe Leather Sandals in Blush (rather, that was I had in my car after the crazy Monday I went through lol). I chose an old necklace from Express to add some sparkle to my look.

Timeless_Optimist_petite_fashion_Banana_Republic_Short-Sleeve Lace Top.jpg

I chose not to tuck in this lace top so I could show you how it looks on a petite-sized woman. It is a great top to tuck in with a  skirt or pants. I wore it earlier this week at work and it gives the look of a crop top (that you can wear stylishly and appropriately). I do hope that this top does come back in stock on Banana Republic’s website. It is a great summer/fall transition piece. What pieces have you purchased this summer that sold out quickly? Feel free to let me know by commenting below!

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