My trip to Cancun Mexico

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel with my best friend to Cancun (it was our first time going). The trip was filled with incredible Mexican cuisine, history, fun excursions and much more. While we had the chance to do some major beach bumming, we also had the chance to immerse ourselves in Mayan culture that dates back before Christ!

Why we choose Cancun Mexico

If you wanderlust as much as I do, you want to see the world. Mexico is a great country to visit as our trip was super affordable. My best friend is an accountant so when we were picking places to travel to, she paid attention to the exchange rates. In other words, the US dollars can be stretched quite a bit in Mexico (get for anyone looking to get the most for their buck). Plus, she and I are suckers for a great beach trip.

Where we Stayed

We stayed at the Fiesta Americiana Condesa. The resort is all-inclusive and offers a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment and much more. The staff there is so helpful and welcoming! Additionally, there is a healthy blend of families and young adults who were at the resort with us. Needless to say, we did not have to worry about any crazy partiers keeping us up at night.

What we did

Most of our time was spent beach bumming in front of the beautiful Caribbean sea. We also did a few excursions. We had a chance to swim with dolphins at Dolphinaris (which is part of Interactive Aquarium). In addition, we got a chance to go snorkeling at the Meso American Barrier reef (we even saw a sting ray and tons of blue tang!) We also got to immerse ourselves into Mexico’s mayan culture by visiting Chichen Itza. I will be writing a separate blog post next week on what to expect and prepare for the excursion. It’s a once in a life time experience but boy, does it get hot in Mexico!

This pic of my best friend and I is too funny!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little travel diary. I am certainly hoping to do more in the future! Have you ever travelled to Cancun? Let me know by leaving me a comment.


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  1. 6.17.17
    Jana said:

    What a fun trip!!! I love a great beach vaca also! Looks like you had a blast! xo Jana |

  2. 6.19.17
    Ilse said:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Now I want to go to Cancun lol


    • 6.19.17
      Cristina said:

      Oh you have to go sometime Ilse! You would have an absolute blast. xx