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Hi loves! A few weeks ago, I shared some exciting news with all of you: I am officially an influencer for Like to Know It! For those of you who are not familiar with this platform, LTKit allows users to either receive e-mail of an influencer’s look (with direct links to purchase products from his/her look) or you can take a screen shot of an image you see on platforms like Instagram. After you take a screen shoot, you can open the LKTIT app to access outfit details instantly!

LTKit has a lot of influence in the retail and fashion industry. Which is why so many bloggers spend a lot of time and effort to get approved. That’s right. You have to apply to LTKit and only if you are approved, can you be active in this exclusive platform.

Some bloggers are approved right away. And others, (like yours truly), get rejected several times before finally getting approved. It was increasingly frustrating because I knew I had great content, outstanding images thanks to photographers such as Belkin Images and Katie Vee Photography, as well as consistent activity on multiple social media platforms.

Needless to say, I have learned so much about blogging since I started timelessoptimist last year. While I do not know what factors go into an approval from Like to Know it, I do know that these factors may have helped:

  1. Don’t let your passion burn out. I chose to start blogging as a creative outlet. That being said, I don’t view blogging as a job. I view it as a passion that I love and want to continue! If at any point you find yourself only stressing and not enjoying blogging, you might not be investing your time wisely. Blogging is a lot of work. Make sure that the work you put in fuels your passion. Whether it is fashion, travel or food, blog about topics that you talk about so much that people tell you to shut up. Really. Because believe me, someone else is eager to read what you have to say!
  2. Take quality images. I work with some talented photographers but I also take many of my images from a tripod. I don’t have the latest and greatest DSL camera out there (mine is a NIKON D3200). In the past year, I have invested in a new lens and flash. Needless to say, learn how to use your camera properly so you can take pictures anywhere, at any time. This is a great way to ensure you always have great content on your blog and social media pages.
  3. Focus on you as a brand. One of the biggest problems I had as a blogger is identifying myself. Sure, I am a petite fashion blogger but I was I going to stand out?  There are hundreds of other fashion bloggers out there. In additional to being a petite blogger, I am a floral fanatic who loves romantic and feminine fashion. I also lean towards classic styled clothing due to my profession. So take the time to identify yourself and your sense of style. Start by being about to describe your blog in three simple adjectives. For example, mine where: classic, romantic, feminine. 😉
  4. Focus on brands you truly love. One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I first started my blog was purchases from brands that I was not exactly familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, I love stepping out of my comfort zone. However, do not try to sell a brand just because everyone else is doing it. If you don’t really shop at Nordstrom, don’t try to convince your follows that you do (because trust me, you won’t fool them). You want to establish trust with your followers and in doing so, you will be able to sell products with ease in the future. This is truly the only way for you to be a successful influencer.
  5. Be patient. Ok, I will be the first to admit that I was not good at this piece of advice at all. Understand that successful blogs are not created over night. Blogging takes a lot of planning, time, energy and even money! So do not get discouraged if your following is not huge right away.
  6. Stay educated. There are always changes being made on the world wide web. This is especially true for bloggers. I love Hubspot because they provide articles on the last trends in marketing and social media. I would definitely recommend getting certified in Inbound Marketing. I am in the process of getting certified now and I am learning so much to help gain more engagement from my followers. This certification is also helping me have a better understanding of SEO presence and even how Google locates information for searches.

Please please please do not get discouraged if this is your first or second time not being approved from Like to Know it. Regardless of what anyone says, you ARE a blogger who has the potential of influencing others in a positive light. Be yourself, focus on your brand and be sure to right content that you yourself would enjoy reading. Please feel free to leave me comments below or you can send me an e-mail with any additional questions you may have. Love you guys!


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  1. 7.24.17

    great post, lady! Congrats on I love your blogging tips. I really want to try this marketing course.

    • 7.24.17
      Cristina said:

      I definitely recommend it. It has helped my reach of my blog so much! <3 xx