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Hi loves! Today I am sharing details on this darling Ann Taylor flowers power dress plus information about the Ann Taylor event I hosted. About a month ago, I hosted an Ann Taylor event at Paramus Mall in New Jersey. I got the chance to do this after a Style Collective meet-up was held there. I was so excited. This was going to be a shopping event that would give me a chance to connect with my fellow blogger friends while doing what we love most: shop! I will be the first to admit that I was a little disappointed that I only had eight girls signed up to go. Nonetheless, I tried not to stress out and stay positive.

The event

Thankfully, my boyfriend was more than willing to join me for this event. I’m so grateful for him because through all my crazy endeavors and adventures, he is my number one fan. So he and I got to the store, waiting for our guests to arrive. While I was waiting, I was persuaded by Chantal to play dress up (and of course I could not say no).

Staying positive in the face of disappointment

As the night progressed, no one came. And I am not going to lie to you guys, I was heartbroken. I sent out invitations, reach out to people individually and here I was, by myself with my handsome man with no guests to entertain. Needless to say, I definitely felt like that girl in high school that was left out of the volleyball team because everyone else got picked first.

Thankfully, my boyfriend and girls as Ann Taylor kept my spirits high. In the end, fellow blogger Tanya came with a friend of hers. We got a chance to connect and had a blast playing dress up. As silly as I felt in the beginning, I was grateful that Tanya came out. Just having one person come out meant the world to me.

What I learned

  1. Things are not always going to go as planned. So when they don’t, make sure you have the right company to remind you that the sky is not falling. What is my secret to stay as happy and optimistic as I am? The people I surround myself with. I am at a point in my life that has involved me closing doors on people who are not uplifting. And in doing so, I have been able to stay optimist and happy even in moments of sadness or fear.
  2. You never know where life is going to lead you. While I did not have a great group of girls at my event, I did make new friends. Tanya was so kind and willing to give blogging advice. And I can only hope I returned the favor to her. I became friends with Jessica the store manager and Chantal who helped me expand on my knowledge as a stylist. Her experience in mens and womans fashion has allowed me to have a new understanding as to how a stylist dresses people based upon their body shape, height and weight.
  3. Be adventurous with your sense of style. It sounds funny, but I did not think that this dress was going to fit me well. I fell in love with the pattern and thought it was not going to fit well on my at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did. Now it is one of my favorite pieces. Another dress that I love from Ann Taylor is my off the shoulder gingham dress. You can view it here.

In conclusion, there are faint to be times with things do not o Surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you. And don’t let life discourage you when things do not go as planned (easier said than done I know).


Dress: OLD; this style has bee re-released with smaller black floral print here // Bag: OLD; similar here // Sunglasses: Francescas 


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  1. 9.5.17
    patricia said:

    Wow!! such a great sunrise weather and adorable outfits. i like the style you are looking so glam on this floral dress the pink & black combination was great effect for this post. thanks for posting a great topic….

  2. 9.5.17
    itsmeizee said:

    Christina love how you styled this your dress is absolutely gorgeous with the pleats also your bag very stylish it does go well with you outfit.

    • 9.6.17
      Cristina said:

      Thank you love! I’m glad you like the look. xx

  3. 9.8.17

    I LOVE your dress! It’s so girly and fun!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris