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Hi loves! If there is one thing I am passionate about it is helping others. While I love talking about fashion and beauty, I also feel it is important for me to discuss ways to help make a difference. With the recent natural disasters that are taking place in the world, it is easy to feel helpless. A certainly have felt that way this past week. Part of me wants to drop everything, volunteer for UNICEF or the American Red Cross to do what ever I can to help those in need. Right now, I can only help financially and to me, that is a great start.

I started this blog last year as a creative outlet to talk about my passion for fashion and beauty. I have had many tell me that I need to focus just on fashion and beauty to grow a following. But I feel not talking about promoting positivity or making a difference is not fair to me as a person. This is MY creative outlet. And while I do take into consideration what others have to say, I want to be true to who I am. Being able to express myself on my blog is an absolute joy. The fact that I am growing a following is an added plus. I am grateful that all of you allow me to be myself and discuss topics that matter to me. Especially because I know these topics matter to others as well.

With Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean facing unprecedented natural disasters, it is up to us to take action how ever we can. I feel that we as a first world county has a social responsibility to help those who are not a fortunate. The Huffington Post released an article today on the multiple ways to help our brothers and sisters in Mexico. You can donate to UNICEF Mexico, and Mexican American Red Cross. There are also several ways to help our brothers and sisters who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. You can see my post about it here.

I have also found a list of additional ways to help victims in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean thanks to the darling Naty Michele. You can check out her original post here. As I find more resources, I will be adding to this post. While it is easy to seem helpless during times of crisis, you can take action every day to promote positivity. Be kind. Stay humble. Take the time every single day to be grateful. This world is full of some many grumps. Don’t be like everyone else! Kill people with kindness not words or hate or resentment. Your words have power. Use them wisely.

Love you all so freaking much!


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