Business professional style with A New Day line at Target


Hi loves! I hope you are all having an amazing week. As some of you may know, Target has a new line called  A New Day and it is absolutely wonderful! My job requires me to dress professionally on a day to day basis (with a few casual days in between).  As such, there are some guidelines that I have to follow at work. Here are some things to keep in mind when you need to dress professionally:

Avoid sleeveless shirts unless..

Sleeveless shirts are great for s casual look but when in a place of business (at least not without a cardigan or blazers). Sleeveless shirts are perfect for layering, so dress them up with a cozy cardigan or blazers. Blazers are my go-to piece with sleeveless tops as they provided a professional and polished look.


Be selective with your skirts/dresses

Ladies, staying classy is very important in a professional setting. As such, make sure that you are wearing skirts that are appropriate for you. Mini skirts are great for a night out or club but not for work. Stick with flattering pencil or midi skirts. They will make you look polished and add just the right amount femininity. When it comes to dresses you want to make sure that they are polished and professional. Avoid bodycon dresses and dresses with low v necklines.


Spice up your look with with professional work pants

Don’t feel like wearing a skirt? Throw on a pair of some business casual work pants! I love getting a pair of business pants with fun patterns. If you want to stay classic, opt for a pair of pants with a neutral color like black or gray.


I hope this post helps you dress professionally with ease. In my opinion, you can dress for any occasion when you go to Target 😉 In addition to details on my look, you can also see an Glance video review of my favorite pod backpack. Have an amazing day!


Top: A New Day // Skirt: A New Day // Backpack: SR Squared // Shoes: TOMS (OLD) similar here 


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  1. 10.16.17

    It’s such a cute clothing line! I will have to check it out!

    • 10.16.17
      Cristina said:

      You should! The quality is great. I am super impressed by it. xx

  2. 10.16.17

    Target is the best! I love that backpack.

    • 10.16.17
      Cristina said:

      Thank you Ashley! It’s the best. It fits so much and it’s so light to wear (even when it is filled to the rim). haha

  3. 10.16.17
    Rach said:

    Target is the best! They seriously have everything you need haha! Loe this business professional outfit!

    • 10.16.17
      Cristina said:

      I know right?! It’s a one stop shop for everything! xx

  4. 10.16.17

    I go to the office Monday to Friday, so these tips are great to know. Too bad we dont have Target here in Canada anymore

    • 10.16.17
      Cristina said:

      Oh man, you’re kidding! Well I hope you can still order pieces online. I wish they had one up there by you. 🙁

  5. 10.16.17

    I always love Target for affordable clothes, and that’s especially true for work. I haven’t seen this new line in store, but I love the prints you have in your outfit. So cool that you mixed floral and plaid!

  6. 10.16.17

    Target always has the cutest pieces in their clothing lines! I’m loving the pretty floral print on that blouse. It’s perfect for any season!

  7. 10.16.17
    Stesha said:

    i love that backpack… must have!


  8. 10.16.17
    jenniferpickering22gmailcom said:

    I love Target’s new line!!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  9. 10.18.17

    i do love affordable work wear!!

  10. 10.18.17
    Lindsay and Whitney said:

    Your outfit is so cute! I love their new line so much! Target is the best.

  11. 10.18.17
    Ashley Houston said:

    I have been loving target fashion lately

  12. 10.18.17
    Sarah K Tripp said:

    Such a cute fall look lady!

  13. 10.21.17

    I love this look and very stylish!