Reflecting on 2017: Looking back and moving forward


I recently added a new post to my Instagram going over my mantra: dress well, be kind and make the world a better place. My purpose as a blogger is not just to show off my favorite fashions but to also provide a platform of positivity and encouragement for both myself and my readers. In the middle of 2017, I decided to take a positive turn to be more authentic on my blog. Being an optimist doesn’t mean that we never face moments of sadness, depression or anxiety. Rather, being an optimist simply means being a person that seeks for light even in the darkest of times.

2017 has been a rough year for me personally and I know that many feel the same way. As bloggers, we have this perception that we have everything figured out behind the scenes. But that is not always true. It is certainly not true for me! While I have been able to create amazing content all year long, I found myself getting burnt out. We as humans need to find balance between work and our personal lives. Often, one takes over the other. Too often, it is work that takes precedence.

This holiday season I made this mistake. Between working extra hours at my full time job and creating 2-3 holiday posts on my blog, I completely forgot about the most important holiday to me: Christmas! I generally start planning for Christmas in June – starting with my Christmas budget plan to creating ideas on what to get for my loved ones. This year, I did not plan for Christmas once. I found myself scrambling to get gifts, create content on my blog and work full time all at once. In the end, I got burnt out and had no choice but to take a mental break from my blog to focus on my personal life.

There have been so many valuable lessons I have learned in 2017 including the importance of planning, balancing work/life and taking time to take a vacation as needed. I never quite understood the importance of unplugging until this year. Being a blogger, I also learned the importance of building and sustaining relationships. I knew that blogging as a side hustle could lead to monetization. I never imagined that I would be meeting new people who would eventually become dear friends even though we have yet to meet in person!

My dear friend and inspiration Christine from Rescue in Style recently wrote a powerful blog posts of the importance of having New Years intentions rather than resolutions. In 2018, I have a goal to be a better planner with both my professional and social life. Whatever dreams you want to achieve, start making plans so that they can come true. I never imagined having my own blog let alone be featured in InStyle magazine twice in one year! If I can do the impossible, you can too.


Photos by Belkin Images

Coat: J.Crew // Scarf: LC Lauren Conrad // Hat: LC Lauren Conrad // Boots: BP. ; similar pair from H&M here // Gloves: Kohls



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  1. 12.30.17
    Torey said:

    I love this! Being balanced and organized is so important when you blog! One of my goals is to be a better planner. Xx happy new year

  2. 12.30.17

    I love the intentions as opposed to resolutions mentality. It’s more achievable and in my opinion, more fulfilling. You look beautiful in these shots! You remind me of Charlotte York with your feminine style!!

  3. 12.30.17
    megan said:

    you are gorgeous! also agree that finding balance and taking a step back is so important!! have a happy new year!

    xo megan

  4. 12.31.17
    maggie said:

    Love your mantra!!

  5. 12.31.17

    This is such a great post and something that I feel like we all struggle with. It is sometimes easier said than done to plan everything. FYI has anyone ever told you you look like Lucy Hale too?

  6. 12.31.17

    This jacket is stunning! I definitely agree that balance is so important and is always something I working towards having more of.

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. 1.1.18
    Sara said:

    It’s so important to start the new year and each new month with strong intentions and realistic hopes & goals! Cheers to a great new year!

    xo, Sara

  8. 1.2.18
    Amanda said:

    Your scarf is SO pretty! Happy 2018 🙂

  9. 1.2.18
    Jessica said:

    I am all about having intentions planned out for the new year! Great idea. Love your cozy look!

    • 1.3.18
      Cristina said:

      Thank you, Jessica! Intentions and goals just feel like a great way to ensure real progress for 2018. That’s the way I see it at least!

  10. 1.2.18

    Happy New Year! Your outfit definitely gives me Winter Wonderland vibes, and exudes the Christmas spirit of joy and happiness.

    • 1.3.18
      Cristina said:

      Happy New Year to you too! I’m glad you like my look love.