Women’s March 2018: my experience and why it matters



What a time to be a woman! I attended this year’s Women’s March in Morristown, NJ and it was empowering. I am a feminist because I believe that women can do anything and everything they set their mind to. More so, I believe that it is about time that we have gender equality. The stigma of gender stereotypes needs to come to an end. I have always been a feminist and here is why:

I grew up in an old-fashioned, traditional home. I was discouraged and bullied against pursing my college career because it was “a waste of my time” and because “a woman’s place is not in business”. I had enough sense to not listen and continue to fight for my education. Even if it meant paying for school completely on my own and working like a dog, I was going to pave a better life for myself.

Needless to say, attending the women’s march was a huge milestone for me. It reminded me of the strength I have exhibited over the years. Ladies, you don’t have to come from a well off family to make a difference in your life. YOU can have anything you set your mind to as long as you have the courage to work towards making your dreams a reality. To me, success is happiness. Knowledge is power. And education is the single most important asset that we as women need to protect. Continue to stand for what is right. I will and will stand by anyone who does as well. Love you all!

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