Aris Couture Boutique: Why every girl needs a little red dress

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We all have that one color that instantly give us confidence. Some prefer neutral colors like gray or black. For me, red has always been my go-to color whenever I have needed a confidence post. I have always felt that red is a color that looks great on everyone! Every girl needs a little red dress in her life and here is why:

It’s timeless. Cliche I know but hear me out. Red is a color that stands out in any generation. Plus, if you are looking to get noticed, this is a color that will always help you stand out.

Confidence. I mentioned before that red is my go-to color for confidence and it has never failed me. Red is a color of demands attention. It’s the perfect color to wear when you are giving a presentation at work or if you need to do a speech at your next public speaking event. Red will draw the attention of your audience which will allow you to excel as a speaker or presenter with ease.

Excitement. Adding pops of red to your look adds drama and excitement to it. A little red dress is the perfect piece to spice up your wardrobe.

Versatility. A red dress can always be accessories with a blazer for work then with some great heels and sparkly jewelry on your next date night. Has anyone seen Once Upon A Time? Emma’s red dress in first episode is ICONIC!

I hope these tips have convinced you to get a little red dress of your own. Ladies, we all deserve to stand out now and then. Take the time to boost your confidence with a little red dress. I think this color will be a lot of fun for you to try and I hope it gives you confidence the way it does for me.


Aris Couture Boutique Lace Sleeve JumpsuitAris Boutique Couture Killer Crimson Cocktail Dress

Dress: Aris Boutique CoutureĀ 


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  1. 2.1.18
    Jennifer said:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • 2.5.18
      Cristina said:

      Thank you so much Jennifer! Your friendship and loyalty truly means the world to me. xx