Life Lately: From Illness to Motivation

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Life truly is a roller coaster ride. There are moments when you are enjoying the ride without a care in the world. Then there are moments that leave you feeling terrified. I certainly felt this way when I been admitted to the hospital last week.

Picture this: a girl in her twenties in absolute distress. She has a new job, a blog that is slow to grow and a life that she had not pictured for herself. Needless to say, in the past few months I have been working none stop. Not only to grow my online presence as a blogger but also to expand in my career professionally. While I am not in the place I want to be professionally or personally, I was determined to change things for myself. “The world is my oyster” I would tell myself. Because when you are in your twenties and have yet to start a family, life is full of endless possibility.

Nonetheless, despite what we may believe, we are not impervious. So when I found myself in the most terrible pain that I have ever experience in my life, I was furious. “How could this happen – I never get sick. I don’t get sick”. The fact that we are human becomes a reality when you are tied down to a bed struggling to find the strength to move.

What was the pain I was experiencing? Well, it was one of a kidney stone. But my issue was a bit more complicated than passing a stone. Most people are in excruciating pain when they pass a kidney stone. Only mine did not pass. Rather, it burst. As a result, a leakage in my kidney. So instead of my kidney passing urine out of my body, the leak was causing urine to enter my body. So my body was fighting off two foreign bodies at once.

To make matters worse, I had just started a new job. My initial worry was that I would lose my job for being out. Thankfully, my team has been one of my greatest support systems. They sent me flowers and spent every day checking on me. Shout of to my team for all your love and support – especially for making me laugh!

By my second to last day of coming home, I was finally able to start walking again. Pain medications were soon replaced with Tylenol and I was on my way home. I am happy to report that I am back to my old self. With a modified diet, I am able to eat normally. And best of all, I am able to start walking again.

This scary event revealed so many things: that I have an amazing boyfriend and dear friends, an amazing team at work and that I was limiting myself because of stress. Now that I have recovered, I feel more motivated now more than ever to exceed expectations at work and for myself as a blogger.

I am ready to go back to work this week. Additionally, I re-started my Pitch It Perfect class to start gaining some traction as a blogger. Being sick has taught me that we has humans are going to have moments where we need to be still. Nonetheless, now that I am rested and have my old strength back, I am ready for anything that comes my way. If you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, don’t panic. Life is about taking scary moments and turning them into moments of strength.

Wishing you all great health and happiness this week. Love you all and thank you for being the best online community a girl could ask for! If you want some additional gingham inspiration, be sure to check this post out. For everyone has been asking, I use the Unfold app to add some extra flare to my Instagram stories. I hope you find it useful!


Top: Amazon // Skirt: OLD; similar here // Clutch: JCREW

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