5 reasons why Solgaard’s original Lifepack is the perfect holiday gift


Do you have that one person on your list that you have absolutely no idea what to get for them this holiday? It can be so hard (and stressful) to buy a gift for that one person in our lives. Thankfully, I found a solution to your problem! Today I am sharing 5 reasons why Solgaard’s original Lifepack makes the perfect holiday gift. Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier!


A unique gift.  Your loved one is not going to expect to unwrap a backpack this holiday season. Needless to say, they are going to have a pleasant surprise! This is not your standard backpack.  It has 12 amazing features to it including a bottle opener, a solar bank that allows you to charge your phone on the go and so much more!


An investment piece. The backpack is one of those pieces that your loved one would never spend on themselves. I am sure you know someone who would absolutely love this bag but would never commit to investing in themselves to have it. The original Lifepack is truly a gift that your loved ones will truly treasure and get lasting use from.


A gift that is environmentally friendly. It is absolutely heartbreaking how much pollution and trash is being dumped into our beautiful oceans. Thanks to advancements in technology, Solgaard is removing plastic from our oceans and converting said plastic into thread behind the fabric of the bag. That’s right! Each Solgaard bag is made of up to 5lbs of upcycled plastic. Not only would you be a buying a back with lasting quality but you would also be helping to make the world a better (and cleaner) place.


A bag that fits everyone’s style. One of my fellow blogger friends left a comment on my Instagram post saying that her finance would love this bag because he would be able to take it hunting with him. And she is absolutely right! This is a bag that can fit any lifestyle. Whether you are a student, a hiker or an avid traveler, Solgaard’s original Lifepack is truly one size fits all!


A gift that provides lasting quality. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a fortune on a piece only to find that is it falling apart a year later. I love how the original Lifepack is well made. You can fit so much into the backpack and be worry free since it is lightweight. I’m a whopping 5’2 and love that the backpack does not wear me down. In fact, I walked 5 blocks in the city this past week and my backpack did not slow me down one bit!

All of the amazing features this bag has to offer. Photo credit: Solgaard


Thank you Solgaard for sponsoring this post! It is truly an honor to work with such an admirable brand.

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