How to winterize a spring dress


Ah winter. It feels like it last forever here on the east coast. If you are anything like me, chances are you are probably itching to have your spring wardrobe out (at least I am). Nonetheless, who says you have to only wear black and gray during the winter? So today I am sharing a few simple hacks on how to winterize a spring dress.

Layers, layers, layers

Winter is all about layers and your dresses are no exception. By adding short sleeve top with this darling gingham dress, my look is instantly winterize for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to utilize your long sleeve shirts or turtlenecks. These are also pieces that you can pair with a spring dress effortlessly.

Add a feminine touch with stockings or leggings

Leggings and stockings are fun, tasteful way to winterize your outfit. When layers with shorts, a skirt or a dress, leggings or stockings are a great way to keep you warm (and stylish).

UNIQLO Heat Tech pieces

One of the best ways to winterize a spring dress is using UNIQLO heat tech pieces. These are also my secret weapon to winterizing my dresses during the winter. You would  never it from these soft, silky pieces but they have UNIQLO’s heat tech technology that traps in your body heat when you wear them! I wear them when I am winterizing spring pieces or use them under my workout gear when I go for walks in the winter. *not sponsored by the way – I am just an active consumer* 🙂 If you want some additional gingham print inspiration, you can find some here.

Photography by Randy Lange Photography




Dress: Stitch Boutique // Shoes: Amazon

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