3 reasons why you need a trench coat


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Trench coats are my favorite pieces to whip out when spring comes around. This time of year spring lots of sun and LOTS of rain. So today I am sharing with you all why you need to add a trench coat to your wardrobe.

Trench coats are timeless

These coats never go out of style! I love that they can stand the test of time and still look amazing no matter what year it is.

They are great for layering

Trench coats are pieces that are effortless to layer with. For these photos I chose to go with a sweater and jeans. However, you can easily pair a trench coat with your favorite dress or business casual pants.

Owning a trench coat means you have a piece that flatters all body types

What I love about trench coats is that they flatter all bodies types. Thankfully, many retailers offer styles in petite, tall and curvy styles for all to enjoy!

Bottom line: If you get a trench coat, it’s a piece that you will have on repeat over and over again in the spring. Consider adding a trench coat to your wardrobe to enjoy a piece that is timeless, perfect for layering and will flatter all body types.


Coat: Land’s End // Sweater: Rent the Runway // Jeans: Articles of Society *gifted to me by the brand // Shoes: TOMS

Photos by Victoria Saperstein Photography

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