Why Longwood Gardens is one of my favorite places on Earth

Why longwood gardena is one of my

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On the weekend of my 28th birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a mini road trip to my favorite place on Earth: Longwood Gardens. When I posted photos about my experience on Instagram, I felt inclined to share more photos of the day. Anyone who has ever been to Longwood Gardens will tell you that there is nothing quite like the spectacle and grace of this magnificent park.

Stating the obvious: the flowers!

My love of floral prints and flowers is all over my page. You can see one example here. If you are passionate about floral design or garden, Londwood is going to be your paradise! There is a little bit of everything: enchanting peony gardens, exotic plants and trees standing the tests of time! It was so cool to learn that some of the trees on the property date back as far as the early 40’s! I could not believe the amount of exotic plants we saw.

timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-Why Longwood-Gardens-is-one-of-my-favorite-places-on-Earth-wild-roses-2019timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-Why Longwood-Gardens-is-one-of-my-favorite-places-on-Earth-peonys-2019timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-Why Longwood-Gardens-is-one-of-my-favorite-places-on-Earth-maggy-london-tulip-maxi-dress-2019timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-Why Longwood-Gardens-is-one-of-my-favorite-places-on-Earth

It is rich with history

Speaking of history, there is tons of it here! Pierre du Pont purchased what we now know as Longwood Gardens in an attempt to protect the specular trees surrounding the property. His love of gardening resonates through each section of the park. If you look closely, you will see garden inspiration from Italy, France and even Asia! You can see that this the gardens have been here since the 40’s.


So much to see, so much to do!

There is truly nothing quite like Longwood Gardens. Along with specular fountains, you can also expect to see exquisite architecture along with branded wine and beer barrel carts. Longwood Gardens is truly a place for everyone – especially if you are a photographer!

Have you ever been to Longwood Gardens? Feel fee to share your experiences in the comments below!


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