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Have you ever spent too much time in the sun only to realize that you FRIED your skin when you got home? I did that a few weeks ago during a trip to the beach. Since then, my skin has not been the same. I got a decent amount of dark spots and early signs of aging. It was time to up-level my skincare for the better!

Before I get into the products I have been using, I want to point out a few things about my skin:

  • It is both oily and sensitive.
  • I have rosacea, which means I have a lot of extra pink pigmentation on my cheeks and nose along with swelling from time to time.
  • I am 28 years old

These factors are important to note as to why the following products have been so helpful for me lately. I have been teasing reviewing my new eye gels on Instagram and now here it is! Let’s begin!


Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream

Perhaps it was fate that Skyn Iceland reached out to me about testing some of their products. Because after the sunburn, nothing seems to work to moisturize my skin besides their pure cloud cream. It’s so light yet powerful enough to moisturize your skin throughout the day.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels

After my sunburn, I also could not believe the damage that was done to the skin under my eyes! During my product testing, I also got to try Skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. I’m so grateful I got to test eye patches because they are my latest obsession. You really feel a cooling sensation when you have them on. Pro tip: stick them in the fridge overnight then whip them out the next day. The eye patches feel even more relaxing!



After trying these two products, I decided to go to Ulta to buy a starter pack that included:

Glacial Face Wash

With the Glacia Face wash, a little goes a long way. The packaging suggested squeezing a dime-sized amount with water to wash your face with. I found I could get away with half that amount.

Cooling Daily Lotion

It felt like I was taking on icebath on my skin but in the most relaxing way! The cooling sensation lasted for about 10-15 minutes. I was worried it would irritate my skin but thankfully it has been gentle on my skin.

Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

That same cooling sensation you get from the daily lotion you also get with this eye cream. I like to use it as a part of my nightly skin routine now, especially on nights when I get home late from waitressing.

Oxygen Infusion Night Cream

Creamy yet light! This is a night cream that has been very forgiving to my sensitive/oily skin. In the summer, I have a hard time with night creams because they clog my pores overnight making way for pesky whiteheads the next morning (gross). So far, this is an issue that I am not having with this night cream!


Raw Sugar Aloe body cream

You know when your entire body feels like it is burning after you spend too much time in the sun? I found myself struggling to cool down my skin after I got burnt. I used some fresh aloe in combination with Raw Sugar’s Aloe body cream to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. So far, it has been working wonders as a body cream! Btw, if you are looking for fun ways to stay cool you can check out my recommendations here.

A special thanks to Skyn Iceland for giving me the chance to test our come of their best sellers for this week’s blog post. Please note that there are affiliate links in the post that help support Timeless Optimist to pursue additional creative projects. Thank you all for your love and support! 


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