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I know, I know. Technically we are still in summer but I can’t help myself! Fall on the east coast is beautiful! As the girl who is always cold, I look forward to adding extra layers to my style. Speaking of style, today I am sharing petite friendly fall trends that you can rock with ease (even if you are under 5’4).

Animal print

Fall is dominated by animal prints and it’s easy to see why! Animal prints are timeless and are super easy to style. I like to pair animal prints with a pop of color to add extra personality to my look.

Slip skirts

There is a misconception that petite women cannot wear longer pieces like maxi dresses (I debunk that misconception here). That being said, slip skirts might seem intimidating since they are on the longer side. The trick is to make sure that they do not go past your ankles. PRO TIP: pair a slip skirt with a pair of booties to give you some extra height.

Knee high boots

These bad boys dominate fall fashion and it is easy to see why! Knee high boots are easy to style with a sweater dress or your favorite jeans. Below I have linked my favorite petite friendly knee high boots for you to check out!

Wool hats

Being petite has its perks like the fact that we can rock hats with ease! I find that wool hats are the best accessory for fall (they are cute + plus keep your head warm when the weather gets cooler).

Tiny bags

A trend that I hope is here stay! Plus, these bags prevent you from lugging around a heavy bags filled with things you don’t need 😉

I hope this post helps you try out some new trends without feeling overwhelmed. What’s your favorite fall trend this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


T-shirt: H&M // Lace Cami: Nordstrom // Headband: H&M // Jeans: J.Crew

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