The lack of color dupe I can’t get enough of

timeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-of-uo-flat-brim-felt-fedora-hat-2019

timeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-of-2019timeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-oftimeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-of-2019-uo-flat-brim-felt-fedora-htatimeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-of-fall-fashion

timeless-optimist-the-lack-of-color-dupe-I-cant-get -enough-of-2019

Sharing details on the hat that I can’t help but wear with everything!

You gotta love when fall comes around. It’s a great time to whip out your favorite scarfs, boots and puffer jackets. This week, I wanted to share with you all the lack of color dupe hat that I simply can’t get enough of. It’s a hat that is sturdy, goes well with everything and is at a great price point.

The price point

I LOVE that this hat was under $50. Yes, you read that right. Under $50. Lack of Color hats are all range right now with bloggers and influencers but their starting price point is between $100-200!

The variety

This hat recently got re-stocked in a variety of colors to chose from. The color I am wearing is NEUTRAL.

The style

The flat wide rim is ultimately why this hat is loved so much. Under the hat is an adjustable strap to help you find the perfect fit! I even styled this hat with one of my summer dresses in my blog post about how to transition from summer to fall.


My recommendation is to stay away from rainy or snowy weather with your wool hat. Wool hats can’t be washed. Long term, these conditions can ruin them.

Over time you may find that your wool hat may lose it’s shape. I like to use this spray to help stiffen the rim of my wool hats back to its original state! Simply steam the rim of your hat on a flat surface. Once your hat is steamed and shaped flat, spray Stiffen Up by The Laundress and let your hat dry. You hat will be good as new! A special thanks to the fabulous Danielle Gervino for this lifesaving tip!

Now that you understand my love for this lack of color dupe, I hope you get a chance to add it to your wardrobe too! Have an amazing week my loves.


Boots: Nordstrom // Hat: Urban Outfitters 


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