5 Reasons why pajamas make the best gifts

5 reason why pajamas make the best giftstimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-5-reasons-why-pajamas-make-the-best-gifts-2019 timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-5-reasons-why-pajamas-make-the-best-gifts timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-5-reasons-why-pajamas-make-the-best-gifts-2019-gift-giving

It’s finally here! Today I am sharing 5 reasons why pajamas make the best gifts! Pajamas are not only fun to gift but also super also super thoughtful. This gift idea is sure to help ease the stress of the holidays.

1. No guilt.

If you have a large family like I do, often you are exchanging gifts way before Christmas arrives. So you can give a cute pair of pajamas as a gift that your loved ones will enjoy all season long!

2. Your Christmas photos will be amazing!

Nothing beats opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – especially with festive pj’s! I even got matching Mickey and Minnie Pj’s from The Disney Store for my boyfriend and I to wear. Can you say photo op? 😉

3. They are great for layering.

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom would have you layer up with your pj’s from time to time? I use some of my pj’s as under shirts or a second layer with my pants in the winter. It’s a simple hack that works at any age!

4. They are budget friendly.

The great thing about pajamas is that you can find a great pair at reasonable prices that will not hurt your budget. Or you can gift luxury ones from brands like Kate Spade or Nordstrom. Either way, this cozy and comfy gift will be sure to keep your wallet happy and your loved ones even happier.

5. The start a fun, family tradition.

By giving your friends and family holiday pajamas, they may get some for the rest of the family too! There are some many cute family holiday pajama sets out there like this Mickey and Minnie family set, this set from the Disney store and this one from Macy’s.

Don’t forget slippers and socks for extra comfort! Lauren Conrad has some adorable new slippers from her line at Kohls. Plus, everyone loves some soft socks when they are relaxing in their pj’s. 😉

What are some of your favorite gifts you like to give during the holidays? I have another gift idea that you can check out here. Leave me a comment and you might see it as a topic on my next blog post!


Pajamas: Kohls // Hat: Kohls

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