Galentine’s Day brunch design idea

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Sharing details on how to create a Galentine’s Day brunch from the comfort of your home!

Ah Valentine’s Day. It’s either just another day or a day that you dread am I right? Last week, I decided to do a fun Galentine’s Day brunch. As such, I wanted to share details on how to create a Galentine’s. Spoiler alert: It’s super easy and inexpensive.

The propsĀ 

The items we had to go out and by included:

  • Heart shaped balloons (I got ours from the dollar store)
  • Paper straws
  • Cotton candy
  • Roses
  • Valentine’s Day candies
  • Whimsical cards
  • Transparent tape

The items we got from both of our houses included:

  • champagne glasses with long stems
  • Procecco
  • our dresses and outfits

Setting up the backdrop

We first started by putting up the balloons and roses with the transparent tape. The only other touch we added was having balloons on the floor along with extra roses for an extra feminine touch.

Having the right equipment

To capture the images of this shoot, I had to put my self-shooting photography skills to the test.

  • Camera
    • Sony alpha A7 is the one that we used for these photos.
  • Remote
  • Tripod

Galentine’s Day drinkĀ 

Nothing says Galentine’s Day like some fun, festive drinks! Below I have a simple form that will help you create these adorable drinks.


See how easy it is to re-create this Galentine’s Day brunch? In this instance, less is more! I hope this simple photoshoot idea will inspire you to create your own in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day gift ideas to inspire you for festive gift ideas. Also be sure to check out my Instagram for sneak peak of upcoming Galentine/Valentine’s Day ideas.



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