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Sharing details on a new product brand review: products were gifted to me courtesy of Farmacy

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during quarantine. With some extra time being spent at home, now is a perfect time to crack down on your fabulous skin care routine. Before quarantine I received some products from Farmacy. So here it is! My new product brand review on Farmacy’s products.

FARMACY GREEN CLEAN makeup meltaway cleaning balm

When I announced on Instagram that Farmacy sent me some of their best products, a lot of my friends freaked out. That’s because Farmacy’s meltaway cleaning balm is one of Sephora’s most popular products. My sensitive, oily skin (that also suffers from rosacea) did not break out. It glides on so smoothly without leaving a oily residue – something that I rarely find in cleanings balms.

Bottom line: Great for all skin types, easy to use and takes off makeup in one simple sweep. 


GREEN CLEAN makeup meltaway cleaning balm

FARMACY HONEYMOON GLOW Aha resurfacing night serum

I love a great night serum when I can find one. I am amazed to notice that my pores are significantly smaller ever since I started using Farmacy’s night serum. It feels so silky to apply on your face. I will say this: DO NOT use this serum after exfoliating your face. When I applied this serum after exfoliating it made my skin feel like it was stinging.

Botton line: This is an amazing night serum that actually gives great results. 


HONEYMOON GLOW Aha resurfacing night serum

FARMACY CHEER UP brightening vitamin C eye cream

Vitamin C is a vital ingredient to have in our skin routines – especially if you are in your 20s. I love how light this eye cream is. It so feel to luxurious to put. My recommendation is to apply this on after you apply the night serum. I like to use an ice roller once my night serum and eye cream to help relax my face. Don’t forget to add retinol to your skin routine too!


CHEER UP brightening vitamin C eye cream

Bottom line: This eye cream works well, is light and the addition to have vitamin C makes it a great product to have for younger looking skin. 

I feel so honored to have had a chance to try some of Farmacy’s best products. Thank you Farmacy! I have become a believer of Farmacy’s quality. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. All opinions are my own. 


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