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Sharing details on how you can re-create these simple in-home photoshoot ideas.

Bored in the house & in the house bored? I totally understand. During times like these where I feel grateful to have a hobby like photography. If you have a camera at home that you have yet to play around with, now is the time to whip it out! I have been working on self-shooting photos for years. That being said, I wanted to share some ideas for you to re-create with ease.

The equipment

Camera: Sony Alpha 7 are used in all these images. Before that I was using a Nikon D3200 (you can learn about my self-shooting basics post for more info).

Lens: All of these images are taken on a SONY FE 1.8/50 mm. This lens is my favorite for portraits and is create for capturing images in small spaces.

Tripod: This was the first tripod I ever bought. It’s a great price point, sturdy & gets the job done.

Shutter release remote: I use this remote for my Sony camera.

Under the sheets

Your bed sheets are a great prop to get some fun, sensual photos. Additionally, consider white sheets for this shoot or get creative with lace or knit blankets to play with natural lighting. Finally, be sure to check out my IG post to see BTS of this shoot.


Flowers and portraits

Do you have any leftover flowers from Easter? Use them to your advantage! Keep yourself in the frame of your camera from the chest up to create close up portrait images like these. Don’t stress if the image focuses on the flowers rather than your face. It might give your image an artistic look.


In the kitchen

I’m a sucker for coffee and I wanted to showcase this while I was staying at a hotel during quarantine. You want to be comfortable in this shot so be sure to get a prop that will help you have fun during the shoot. A bowl of cereal, coffee, spaghetti, pizza (you get the idea). You can re-create this look by getting outfit details on my quarantine fashion post.


On the couch

The trick to shooting yourself in a photo? Elongating your body. In order words, you want to avoid having your body squared. When posing, consider “triangles” in your poses. As you can see, I am making a triangle with my one leg while extending one out. Finally, this image was achieved by raising my camera on my tripod then angling it down for this shot.


I hope these tips help provide some inspiration. There are two pieces of advice I give as a self-shooting photographer: take photos that will help tell a story and most importantly have fun!

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