Managing stress & anxiety during quarantine


Sharing my tips for managing stress & anxiety during quarantine with references from my therapy sessions from March through June.

Well here we are, another week in quarantine. Some days are fine. Others days are not and that is ok. I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue my therapy sessions with my therapist. I shared some of my notes on Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback. So this week, I wanted to share tips for managing stress & anxiety during quarantine from the notes I have been taking during my therapy sessions. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a mental health professional. These are simply takeaways from my past therapy sessions.


  • Avoid getting lost in your thoughts of stresses and anxiety. Instead, keep your thoughts grounded. For example: Sit down, take a deep breathe. Breathe in slowing in and out. Than tell yourself what day it is. Look outside. Is it sunny? Is there a breeze blowing through the trees? Are there any animals outside? As you start to take notices of the reality around you, your thoughts become more grounded.
  • Be aware of emotional patterns. Be cautious of what triggers your stresses and anxieties then find ways grounded your thoughts back to reality.
  • Acceptance: we need to recognize that we cannot chance the circumstances that we are in and that is ok.
  • Limit you news and media viewing. There is a lot more noise being told rather than hard, concrete facts.
  • Lean into stillness or if you are feeling calm. Just because someone else around you is anxious that doesn’t mean you have to! It’s ok to be calm.



Ah family. We don’t pick them and while we love them with all our hearts, tensions can rise fast. That being said, here are some steps to manage stress and anxiety with family:

  • Take distance as needed to avoid emotional outbursts. Take time to meditate or go for a walk.
  • Respect one another. Some days are going to be easier or harder than others.
  • Journal your thoughts if you can’t express them to family members. Communication is going to be important but in times of stress, communication can be a struggle.


This topic is at the forefront of everyone’s stresses and anxieties because there is simply too much uncertainty. When you find yourself feeling stressed about finances, consider this:

  • The financial situations is at no fault of your own so don’t bully yourself.
  • EVERYONE is facing financial instability right now. You’re not alone in your fears and anxieties.
  • Plan as best you can on a day-to-day basis. We can only plan so much into the future.

Right now is a great opportunity to start paying off debts while our “fun” money is not being spent. That being said, make a list of the debts you have (I like to use Nerdwallet because it breaks down my debt). With student loan forgiveness and credit card companies giving an extra month for individuals to plan for May’s payments, we all have a chance to be better financially when quarantine is over.


It’s sad but true: some of us can’t escape toxic relationships during quarantine. Whether it’s family, friends or roommates, we need to cope with our current circumstances until we are able to remove ourselves from them. Here are some tips to help you cope:

  • Adapt to being an observer rather than involving yourself in emotional outbursts.
  • Hold your toxic relationships¬†(friends, family, roommates) at arms length. Take them with a grain of salt until you are able to remove yourself from them.¬†Don’t get swept up in other’s emotional journey. Instead, focus on your own.
  • Don’t hold expectations of change with friends and family. They are the way they are and there is NOTHING you can do to change them.

I hope my notes from my therapy sessions have been able to help you out in some way, shape or form. Our current circumstances are crazy to say the least. Nonetheless, I wish you are all healthy, safe and feel loved.

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