About Cristina

Hi loves! Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my blog. Timeless Optimist focuses on petite women’s fashion but also focuses on promoting positivity. I am also a passionate woman who loves traveling and making others be better about themselves. It is my hope through my optimism that I will be able to help others to find confidence in themselves. I chose to start this blog to provide a sense of hope and kindness in a world that could really use it.

I grew up from one of the humblest roots in New Jersey. I have been a member of the work force since I was sixteen. I took on the challenge to take charge of my own finances, education, and work experience. Growing up,  my parents were not financially sound enough to provide me with a car or even pay for my education. At a young age, I understood that I had to take charge of my own life. I am thankful that I did. I now have a clear of how blessed each and every one of us are here in the United States.

Nonetheless, I do not measure my success based upon the amount of money that I make. My success is measured by how I have made a difference in the lives of others. I spend every day grateful that I have the ability to write my blog for pieces that I enjoy wearing. As one can imagine, getting new clothes for every season was not always something I can do. No matter where you are in life, fashion can change lives. I believe that fashion is about embracing our imperfections. I have been told that I cannot model because of the fact that I have a petite frame. What do I say to that? Watch me. I may not be perfect, but I do share a frame that millions of women have and should enjoy! The idea behind this blog is not to focus on spending lots of money on brand names or perfection. Rather, I want my blog to focus on helping others to dress well to better themselves. Whether you are looking to dress for your next job interview or are looking to add a new look to your wardrobe, I hope that my blog posts inspire you to dress up. After all, ALL women deserve to feel happy and confident.