Branding shoot with Via from VR Creative

There is something to be said for the meaningful connections that I have made in the influencer industry. If I am being honest, there are A LOT of content creators who are not kind people. Nice? Maybe but definitely not kind. So when I met Via a few years ago for a Maggie London Easter segment for Pix 11 in New York City, I was nervous. Was she really as nice in person as she was online? To my surprise yes!

Not only is Via a kind spirit with a love for fashion but she is also a dedicated businesswoman. She understands the importance of professionalism in the realm of social media. I enthusiastically said yes to setting up a brand shoot with her after learning about her freelance work through VR Creative. After connecting on a Zoom call, we quickly collaborated on the vision she had for her brand shoot. She wanted to show off her primary color for her brand. I think it’s safe to say that we both were able to bring her creative vision to life showcasing all things green throughout the shoot while shooting in our favorite city in the world: New York City.

If you are looking for assistance in copywriting, ghostwriting, social media management, or sponsored content, be sure to contact Via at VR Creative Services. A special thank you to the lovely Via for not only making this branding shoot a lot of fun but also inspiring me and other businesswomen to follow their creative outlets. If you are looking to update your branding photos, feel free to contact me so we can set up a Zoom call.

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