Happy Thursday loves! We still have one more month of summer – which means some of you may have some more summer weddings to attend. Now that I have reached my twenties, more and more people are getting married (so sweet and weird lol). If you have never been to a wedding as a millennial, do not fret! Here are some the of tips I have learned as a new comer to weddings.


To wear white or to not wear white, that is the question

It is an unwritten rule to not wear white at a person’s wedding. The idea behind this rule is that if a guest is wearing white, you are taking away from the bride’s day. Needless to say, couples are becoming more and more unconventional when it comes to their wedding day. If you are hesitant to wear white, don’t be feel silly to ask the bride whether or not she will mind (because sometimes, the bride will sincerely not care). The dress that I am wearing in these pictures can be found here. If for any reason, the bride does to want you to wear white, be respectful and rock your favorite color instead! Below are some of my favorite dresses from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. I like to shop here because they offer petite styled clothing and their selections are timeless. 😉


Location, location, location

When you are trying to figure out what you should wear to a wedding, consider where it is going to be held. What you are going to wear at a wedding taking place in a church is going to be much different from a wedding that is at the beach. Also keep an eye out for the weather forecast the day of the wedding.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend

The shoes you pick to wear to a wedding are just an important as the outfit. I hate being in uncomfortable shoes at a wedding (especially after all the dancing). When in doubt, bring an extra pair of flats in dance in. I love espadrille wedges because we are super comfortable and give you some extra height. If you have a wedding outside, a thin, tall heel is not going to do you any favors! I love these wedges from Marc Fisher. You can purchase a similar pair from Marc Fisher here. If you want an option that is under $100, Steve Madden has wedges that come in 4 colors (including rose gold).


Keep it classy 

I say this with love, not judgement. Remember that when you are at a wedding, you are a guest of the bride and groom’s special day. Be respectful. When you select your outfit, pick dresses and tops that flatter your body without looking too casual (showing a lot of skin is great for summer outings and festivals, not so much for weddings). Nonetheless, you never know who you are going to meet (at any social gathering). As such, you want to present yourself with grace and poise at all times.


Dress: Banana Republic // Clutch: J.Crew // Shoes: UGG; similar here // Earrings: Ann Taylor; similar here




Top: Ann Taylor // Skirt: Ann Taylor // Shoes: UGG // Lipstick: Maybelline in Pioneer


Hi loves! Many of you may not know this, but my favorite color is red. As such, it is my go-to color when I add a pop of lipstick to my look. I know I am not alone with this, but I have SEVERAL shades of red lipsticks from different companies (you can never have too much of a good thing right). In honor of National Lipstick Day, I wanted to share with you all my favorite red lipsticks that are both from prestige and drugstore brands.


Revlon’s  “Love is On” lipstick is a great shade of red that is versatile for all skin types.


Stila lipsticks offer great coverage without having to reply throughout the day.


I love Nars because of their quality and the fact that they do not test their products on animals. I do find that I have to re-apply the crayon options through out the day. Nonetheless, I love the colors and coverage of this brand.


Kate Moss’ matte lipstick are wonderful! The shades of red from this line is creamy and does not dry your lips throughout the day.


I can’t say enough about this brand Lorac. Their liquid matte lipsticks offer great pigmentation without drying out your lips. If you want lighter coverage, their matte crayons are soft and come in a wide variety of colors.




Top: LC Lauren Conrad // Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad // Necklace: SugarFix // Shoes: UGG

Happy Monday loves! Summer has been full of trends. One of them is the return of bell sleeves. I love how romantic and flowy these pieces are. The best part about bell sleeve tops is that they are great transitional pieces to use from summer to fall. I love this top from LC Lauren Conrad because it is so light. Even with the heat outside, it doesn’t stick to my body the way cotton does.

Have you had a chance to try this trend? Feel free to leave me a comment below.


Shop my look

Here are some more tops that I have been crushing on from LC Lauren Conrad. You can always count on this brand for timeless floral prints and romantic pieces.


Happy weekend! Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is finally open to the public! If you are not familiar with the sale here is what you need to know. New items are on sale until the 4th of August. That means all your favorite fall inspo pieces will be ready for you to purchase at a fraction of the cost. You’ll want to stock up now as prices go back up in two weeks!

If there are some pieces that you have fallen in love with, be sure to move fast. You would not believe how fast items are being sold from the early access shoppers earlier last week! Items are also on back order or will be re stocked. If you have any items in particular you want me to keep an eye out for, please let me know!


BLANKNYC velvet Band Jacket: The trend of velvet on jackets, dresses and accessories is not going anywhere! Every once in a while, I like to add a little jazz to my usual romantic laces and ruffle tops. This jacket is in regular sizing so be sure to get it in a size down (I am wearing it in XS).

Here are some other velvet pieces that are on sale: 


HINGE Shrunken Leather Bomber Jacket: A moto jacket is my go-to piece in the fall. They are the best to layer with a light top and even your favorite scarf. This jacket runs fairly large, so be sure to choose a size down (I am wearing it in XS). The leather is very soft. I would recommend buying a leather cleaning spray to preserve this piece.

Here are some other moto jackets that I love:


ASTR THE LABEL Ruffle Sleeve Choker Top: This top is not in petite sizing but nonetheless darling! This top is so light and the perfect top to transition from summer to fall. Keep in mind that this top does run true to size. I am wearing it in a size S.

Here are some other petite friendly tops that are on sale:

Petite friendly pants

Blazers and Cardigans 


What are some of your favorite brands from Nordstrom? Did you get a chance to dive into this amazing sale? Feel free to leave me a comment below.







Hi loves! A few weeks ago, I shared some exciting news with all of you: I am officially an influencer for Like to Know It! For those of you who are not familiar with this platform, LTKit allows users to either receive e-mail of an influencer’s look (with direct links to purchase products from his/her look) or you can take a screen shot of an image you see on platforms like Instagram. After you take a screen shoot, you can open the LKTIT app to access outfit details instantly!

LTKit has a lot of influence in the retail and fashion industry. Which is why so many bloggers spend a lot of time and effort to get approved. That’s right. You have to apply to LTKit and only if you are approved, can you be active in this exclusive platform.

Some bloggers are approved right away. And others, (like yours truly), get rejected several times before finally getting approved. It was increasingly frustrating because I knew I had great content, outstanding images thanks to photographers such as Belkin Images and Katie Vee Photography, as well as consistent activity on multiple social media platforms.

Needless to say, I have learned so much about blogging since I started timelessoptimist last year. While I do not know what factors go into an approval from Like to Know it, I do know that these factors may have helped:

  1. Don’t let your passion burn out. I chose to start blogging as a creative outlet. That being said, I don’t view blogging as a job. I view it as a passion that I love and want to continue! If at any point you find yourself only stressing and not enjoying blogging, you might not be investing your time wisely. Blogging is a lot of work. Make sure that the work you put in fuels your passion. Whether it is fashion, travel or food, blog about topics that you talk about so much that people tell you to shut up. Really. Because believe me, someone else is eager to read what you have to say!
  2. Take quality images. I work with some talented photographers but I also take many of my images from a tripod. I don’t have the latest and greatest DSL camera out there (mine is a NIKON D3200). In the past year, I have invested in a new lens and flash. Needless to say, learn how to use your camera properly so you can take pictures anywhere, at any time. This is a great way to ensure you always have great content on your blog and social media pages.
  3. Focus on you as a brand. One of the biggest problems I had as a blogger is identifying myself. Sure, I am a petite fashion blogger but I was I going to stand out?  There are hundreds of other fashion bloggers out there. In additional to being a petite blogger, I am a floral fanatic who loves romantic and feminine fashion. I also lean towards classic styled clothing due to my profession. So take the time to identify yourself and your sense of style. Start by being about to describe your blog in three simple adjectives. For example, mine where: classic, romantic, feminine. 😉
  4. Focus on brands you truly love. One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I first started my blog was purchases from brands that I was not exactly familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, I love stepping out of my comfort zone. However, do not try to sell a brand just because everyone else is doing it. If you don’t really shop at Nordstrom, don’t try to convince your follows that you do (because trust me, you won’t fool them). You want to establish trust with your followers and in doing so, you will be able to sell products with ease in the future. This is truly the only way for you to be a successful influencer.
  5. Be patient. Ok, I will be the first to admit that I was not good at this piece of advice at all. Understand that successful blogs are not created over night. Blogging takes a lot of planning, time, energy and even money! So do not get discouraged if your following is not huge right away.
  6. Stay educated. There are always changes being made on the world wide web. This is especially true for bloggers. I love Hubspot because they provide articles on the last trends in marketing and social media. I would definitely recommend getting certified in Inbound Marketing. I am in the process of getting certified now and I am learning so much to help gain more engagement from my followers. This certification is also helping me have a better understanding of SEO presence and even how Google locates information for searches.

Please please please do not get discouraged if this is your first or second time not being approved from Like to Know it. Regardless of what anyone says, you ARE a blogger who has the potential of influencing others in a positive light. Be yourself, focus on your brand and be sure to right content that you yourself would enjoy reading. Please feel free to leave me comments below or you can send me an e-mail with any additional questions you may have. Love you guys!