Vince Camuto Wood Block Floral Print Raceback Slipdress

I love summer so much. It is great that this time of year each one of us can enjoy the sun, vacations, and time with our friends and family. This week, I had the chance to visit my family in Florida. I see some great beaches, explore Tampa and even had a chance to visit the happiest place on earth!

Needless to say, summer days in Florida can be brutal. As such, finding a great outfit for the day can be tricky. I am so grateful that my stylist Dana from Trunk Club sent me this Vince Camuto Wood Block Floral Print Raceback Slipdress (was that description long enough or what). This dress is super light which made it my dress of choice for this trip. When I use this dress for work, I like to accessorize it with a belt to make the dress a little more form fitting. Without a belt, the dress still looks great one. I am wearing this Vinco Camuto slipdress in SP. The slipdress is made of 100% polyester, so it is in fact, machine washable. This is great dress that can be used on its own or would par great with a blazer or denim jacket. This dress is also available in a blue option as well.


Dress: Vince Camuto, Hat: Aerie, Shoes: Target (OLD) You can find a similar option here.


During my visit in Florida, I had a chance to try a central american restaurant called Pupuseria & Cafeteria Centroamericana. I am very picky with my central american food (I am biased and think my mom’s is the best lol). I was so impressed to find that the food at Pupuseria was almost identical to my mom’s cooking. Of course, I had to have a pupusa while I was there. Pupusia are thick, homemade con tortilla that is traditionally filled with cheese or beans. If you want to try authentic central american cusine, this is the place to go!


Visiting Fort Desoto Beach in St. Petersburgs FL. The water was so warm!

Of course, a visit to Florida would not be complete if I did not get a chance to stop by DisneyWorld. Since we only had one day to visit the parks, my cousin and I decided to get park hopper passes. We met up with my sister and I surprised them by going to the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. The Crystal Palace is one of my favorite restaurants. You get to enjoy great food (buffet style) and also meet the characters from Winnie the Pooh. I totally recommend going here. The photos and memories we all shared at the Crystal Palace are worth every penny (don’t worry, the prices are not too outrageous).


Snuggling Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace.

I am so grateful that I got a chance to go down to Florida. I got to send my entire trip with my family. My cousin and I continue to grow closer and closer every time we get a chance to see each other. It is so amazing that we did not grow up together as kids but that we are so alike in so many ways. This summer, be sure to take time to visit your family if you can. You will not regret the time you spend with them. What fun adventures have you had this summer? Feel free to leave a comment below!



How to Avoid Going Overboard with Sale Events

Everyone loves a great sale, right? Sometimes the price of a pair or jeans or a shirt are enough to get us to purchase them. I have found that in the past, however, that sale items can cause quite a bit of clutter in my closet. There have been instances where I will purchase something on sale and wind up never using it. Fear not! These are some tips that I use everyday to help avoid going overboard with sale events in stores:

Have a budget set aside.

One of the best ways to avoid going too crazy at sale racks is to make sure you have a budget set aside. Depending on the store, I will give myself a $100 or $200 spending limit. Setting aside a budget will help ensure that you are picking out items that you are truly going to end up using.

Pick items based on your current profession/job.

This may sound a little crazy but hear me out. I spend most of my week at work where we are expected to dress business causally. As such, my time spent in strapless dresses, jeans, and graphic tees are very limited. I like to keep this in mind when I am shopping. So when you are at your next clearance rack, take a moment to think about how often you are truly going to use the item you are picking up. While that dress or skirt you have in your hand may be beautiful, it might just end up collecting dust in your closet.

Shop with a friend.

I love shopping with my best friend because we keep each other grounded. We will make sure that each one of us stays on budget. Who better than your best friend to tell you whether or not a outfit choice looking great on you or best to leave behind? Plus, a shopping day with you best friend is sure to be one filled with laughs and new memories.



Macy’s Style & Co. Flag Straw Beach Bag

Happy 4th of July! I love this time of year. It makes me truly grateful to be in a nation where families can come together and celebrate our nation’s independence day. I want to give a personal shout out to the brave men and women of our armed forces as well as our veterans. Thank you for all that you do, from the bottom of my heart. Your families, friends, and members of the community are truly grateful for all the sacrifices you continue to make to keep this nation strong and safe.

I wanted to find something last week that shows off my patriotism but will also be useful for the rest of the summer. I came across this Style & Co Flag Straw Beach Bag and fell in love instantly. This bag is super lightweight but it also has a lot of space in it. You can easily pack a full-sized towel, sunscreen, and any other beach essentials. The bag also features two one pockets to place your phone or other necessities. Additionally, the other side of the bag has a pouch that you can zip up.


While this bag is regularly priced at $62, it is on sale at Macy’s right now for $19.99! If you are in search of a new beach bag, I highly recommend this one. The straw pattern of the bag is beautifully woven. The Nikon camera featured in this image is the Nikon D3200. I hope that you all have a safe and fun-filled 4th of July!


JCREW Off-The-Shoulder Top in Ratti® Happy Cat Print


Cheers to a fantastic week! It’s a fact: I simply cannot get enough of the off-the-shoulder trend. This is a style that truly looks great on everyone. In fact, I have already reviewed an off-the-shoulder dress from Express. More so, this look offers the right amount of class and feminine details for casual wear. This past weekend, I had the chance to stop by my local JCREW store and found my new favorite party shirt.


Blouse: J Crew || Purse: OLD || Shorts: Express

J Crew’s off the shoulder top in Ratti  comes in “Happy Cat Print”. You can purchase this print in the form of a dress and skirt as well. The store that I went to did not offer a petite section, so I made the decision of purchasing this shirt in a regular size. The size I am wearing is in 0.


Blouse: J Crew || Purse (OLD) || Shorts: Express || Shoes: JLO by Jennifer Lopez (OLD)

I chose to wear this shirt with shorts but it can also be complimented really well with a great pair of jeans. What is great about this shirt is that it is not sheer but it is also very light. Keep in mind that JCREW does have a petite section. I did try on the happy cat print dress that is available. The regular size for this dress was way too long for me. So be sure to purchase the dress in petite sizing if you are fun-sized 🙂


Blouse: J CREW

This shirt is made out of cotton so take caution when washing this piece. While it is machine washable, cotton does have a tendency to shrink if left in the dryer too long. Since it is warmer outside, I have been leaving this shirt out to dry. I am going to continue to wear this shirt, long after off-the-shoulder is no longer trendy. To me, off-the-shoulder is a trend that is timeless. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a great week ahead.


Thanks again to Belkin Images for sponsoring this post! <3


Eliza J Jersey & Print Crêpe de Chine Maxi Dress

Happy first day of summer everyone! If there is one motto I live by it is this: You can never be too over-dressed or over-educated. I am a firm believer in dressing up just for the hell of it. I urge each of you to take some time this week to treat yourself. Whether you decide to go shopping, get a massage or have a lazy night, make sure to make the most of this week.


Dress: Eliza J (Sold OUT) Similar options here, here and here || Denim Jacket: KUT from the Kloth ‘Helena’ || Purse: (OLD)

Last month, I decided to treat myself to this Eliza J Jersey and Print Crepe Maxi Dress from my first Trunk Club. I had asked my stylist to send me the perfect maxi dress for summer. Boy, did she deliver! I love the fact that this dress is not heavy. What sold me on the idea of  purchasing this dress was the pattern and the pink fabric belt that came with it. The belt is in fact removable. 😀


In the beginning of June, I got my second Trunk Club in which I received a new denim jacket that is featured in the image below. It is petite friendly and is very comfortable. I am wearing it in a size small petite. I find that denim jackets are difficult to purchase because they can either be too bulky or feel heavy. This jacket, however, is surprisingly light. Denim jackets are a great investment because of their versatility.


I am wearing this dress in a size 4P. It should be noted that this dress is on the longer side. I did have to wear five-inch heels during this shoot. So keep this in mind before you purchase this dress that you may have to get it hemmed. Even though the dress is long, I do not have a difficult time walking in it with flats. I personally just get nervous dragging it on the ground (it’s just too darn pretty!). Nonetheless, this is a dress that is sure to make a statement. I certainly do not regret getting any these items!



Dress: Eliza J; similar options here & here // Jacket: KUT from the Kloth // Heels (OLD) similar here



Banana Republic Sleeveless Floral Blouse + Purple Ankle Pant

Hi there world! I hope you are all having an amazing week. As a woman who works in an office all day, finding business causal clothing can be tough to find. I have to say I am extremely impressed with Banana Republic’s petite section. It is so nice to be free from worrying about whether or not a shirt, dress, or pants are going to fit well. I found some great pieces from the store for you to try that will not disappoint!

The sleeveless floral blouse that I am wearing is in white print. It is as stunning in person as it is online. I was a little nervous purchasing a white blouse. Thankfully, this blouse is not sheer so it is a great choice for work or going out. I am wearing this shirt in XSP. This shirt is machine washable but I have been taking it to the dry cleaners to keep the print and white of this blouse bright.


Blouse: Sleeveless Floral Blouse in White Print || Photographer: Belkin Images || Earrings: Francesca’s (OLD) || Blazer: H&M (OLD)

The question is: does a girl really need purple pants? And the answer is yes. Yes she does. I am so happy with these New Sloan-Fit Garment-Dye Utility Ankle Pants because of the color and fit. I am wearing a size 4P. When washing these pants, be sure to turn them inside out to reduce color distortion. It is so nice to be able to find a great pair of pants that fit so well. These pants also come in a pretty mint color as well. Please don’t ever get rid of your petite section, Banana Republic! <3




I decided to show you what this shirt can look like with a blazer. The bold print of this blouse may scare you but I urge you to try it on! It is so nice and I truly believe it will make a great addition to your closet. The best part? Both items are on sale RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to get these items. I can guarantee you, they will sell out fast.


A huge thank you to Belkin Images for sponsoring this post! <3





5 Reasons Why We Love Gina Rodriguez 


If you have not had the chance to watch the CW’s Jane the Virigin, you are missing out! The show offers a hysterical take on telenovelas (e.g. soap operas) while offering a refreshing blend of romance, whit, drama, and suspense. Jane the Virgin’s leading lady Gina Rodriguez is proving she is a force to be retconned with. Fans cannot get enough of Rodriguez and here is why:

She makes time for her fans. I can personally testify to this as Gina has replied to several of my tweets and has even likes photos on my Instagram (and yes, I was fan girling every time she did so). She makes her fans feel appreciated and special through her words of encouragement and gratitude. It sure is great to have someone like Gina is continues to be a positive role model to myself and all women worldwide!

She is passionate about her heritage. It is so refreshing to see a Latina actor grace Hollywood, especially one that is well grounded. Her #movementmonday encourages Hollywood to move towards a generation of diversity. In addition, she has made it her mission to turn down hispanic stereotypes. She began by turning down a high-profile TV role as a housekeeper because she felt it reinforced old clichés. As a fellow latina, it is so nice to see a celebrity who is staying grounded to her Puertican roots. Indeed, Gina is showing the world that we are not defined by anything if we want to be successful in life.

She gives back. Literally. Gina was breaking the internet last month because of her goodwill towards a high school student who asked if she could borrow Gina’s gown to prom. Gina graciously loan the teen her dress and even sent a personal message to her with words of encouragement while advising her to have a great time. Her willingness to give back to the world does not end there. She is also using her fame by educating women through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Gina sure is an inspiration to us all to do our part in giving back to our communities.


She is not superficial. Gina made a bold move last month by also making the decision to shave off some of her hair. I can honestly say that I would not be able to make such a hasty decision without feeling insanely regretful. Gina’s reason behind her new hair cut was in fact for a new movie role she has taken up. Nonetheless, she has a lot more to say about her new look: “I cut my hair for a film and there is nothing more freeing then realizing your beauty exists from within,” Gina explains on Instagram “I am not my hair. I am not my weight. I am not my skin color. I am love, I want to be love with every interaction, with every decision I make for myself, with every failure and success.”

She is a girl boss. As if she was not busy as it is, Gina made the decision to be a co-founder of a lingerie company last year called Naja Lingerie. This company gives jobs to women in Columbia who are single and raising families. Naja is creating jobs that are also proving great ethical standards. Refiney 29 explains that more than half of Naja pieces include synthetics (like nylon) that have been fabricated from recycled plastic bottles. “When we make new nylon or new polyester, we are making more synthetic fabrics that will ultimately turn into unused waste when people tire of the clothing,” Girald said in a release. “But by using recycled plastic bottles we are taking existing waste and repurposing it; it’s so much better for the world.” The brand uses digital printing as another environmentally-friendly measure. Underwear that is helping empower women and is environmentally responsible? You have my business for life Naja!

Stay fierce, Gina! xoxo.