If you have not had the chance to watch the CW’s Jane the Virigin, you are missing out! The show offers a hysterical take on telenovelas (e.g. soap operas) while offering a refreshing blend of romance, whit, drama, and suspense. Jane the Virgin’s leading lady Gina Rodriguez is proving she is a force to be retconned with. Fans cannot get enough of Rodriguez and here is why:

She makes time for her fans. I can personally testify to this as Gina has replied to several of my tweets and has even likes photos on my Instagram (and yes, I was fan girling every time she did so). She makes her fans feel appreciated and special through her words of encouragement and gratitude. It sure is great to have someone like Gina is continues to be a positive role model to myself and all women worldwide!

She is passionate about her heritage. It is so refreshing to see a Latina actor grace Hollywood, especially one that is well grounded. Her #movementmonday encourages Hollywood to move towards a generation of diversity. In addition, she has made it her mission to turn down hispanic stereotypes. She began by turning down a high-profile TV role as a housekeeper because she felt it reinforced old clichés. As a fellow latina, it is so nice to see a celebrity who is staying grounded to her Puertican roots. Indeed, Gina is showing the world that we are not defined by anything if we want to be successful in life.

She gives back. Literally. Gina was breaking the internet last month because of her goodwill towards a high school student who asked if she could borrow Gina’s gown to prom. Gina graciously loan the teen her dress and even sent a personal message to her with words of encouragement while advising her to have a great time. Her willingness to give back to the world does not end there. She is also using her fame by educating women through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Gina sure is an inspiration to us all to do our part in giving back to our communities.


She is not superficial. Gina made a bold move last month by also making the decision to shave off some of her hair. I can honestly say that I would not be able to make such a hasty decision without feeling insanely regretful. Gina’s reason behind her new hair cut was in fact for a new movie role she has taken up. Nonetheless, she has a lot more to say about her new look: “I cut my hair for a film and there is nothing more freeing then realizing your beauty exists from within,” Gina explains on Instagram “I am not my hair. I am not my weight. I am not my skin color. I am love, I want to be love with every interaction, with every decision I make for myself, with every failure and success.”

She is a girl boss. As if she was not busy as it is, Gina made the decision to be a co-founder of a lingerie company last year called Naja Lingerie. This company gives jobs to women in Columbia who are single and raising families. Naja is creating jobs that are also proving great ethical standards. Refiney 29 explains that more than half of Naja pieces include synthetics (like nylon) that have been fabricated from recycled plastic bottles. “When we make new nylon or new polyester, we are making more synthetic fabrics that will ultimately turn into unused waste when people tire of the clothing,” Girald said in a release. “But by using recycled plastic bottles we are taking existing waste and repurposing it; it’s so much better for the world.” The brand uses digital printing as another environmentally-friendly measure. Underwear that is helping empower women and is environmentally responsible? You have my business for life Naja!

Stay fierce, Gina! xoxo.


Welcome June! Summer is right around the corner. I am sure you are going to have graduation parties, birthdays, weddings and BBQs to attend to. So why not show up in style? Better yet, treat yourself to this beautiful dress for your birthday or date night. You deserve it!

When I received my first Trunk Club, I was mesmerized by this dress the moment I saw it. The stunning watercolor floral pattern is one that will be sure to turn heads. I wore this dress out for my birthday last month and I felt like I was the Dutchess of Cambridge herself! This Eliza J dress will not only turn heads by the pattern but also how it will fit on your petite frame (not to worry, it comes in regular sizes too).

timeless_optimist_petite_fashion_eliza_j_faille_belted _dress_.jpg

At 5’2, I am usually a size 4 at boutiques like Banana Republic. Maren, my stylist selected a size 4 for me and the dress fit me perfectly. The fabric of this dress is light but also will not show the frame of any panty lines or the lining of your bra. Even in the hot summer sun, you will not feel like this dress is giving you any extra heat.

Because this dress offers a stunning pattern to it, accessorizing is easy. I decided to stick with the same white pumps that I featured in my Calvin Klein Sheath dress review. I would also recommend getting your favorite plain clutch or crossbody bag. Sticking to neutrals is key. I decided to use a small statement necklace and decided to go with my favorite bracelets to finish this look. This dress is now under $100. Be sure to explore Nordstrom’s website for more Eliza J dresses. These dresses and gowns are made with excellent quality. Trust me, this is a brand that will become your new favorite!

timeless_optimist_fashion_Nordstrom_Eliza_ J_Belted_Floral_Faille_Sheath_Dress.jpg


I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Like many women, I am a huge Disney fan. So when the trailer for Beauty and the Beast was released earlier in the week, I was beyond ecstatic. After a recent shopping trip with my best friend, I came across this beautiful mesh dress that immediately made me think of Belle.

The shoes I selected for this shoot are by Chinese Laundry. I have to tell you all that I have been admiring these shoes since Christmas. By the time I was ready to give into purchasing them, they beautiful fridge heels were no longer available in my size. Thank the Lord for Nordstrom Rack! I love these shoes so much that I purchased them in two colors. You will get a chance to see the red version of these shoes next week. You are sure to fall in love with these Chinese Laundry stilettos you are a fan of fringe. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



Putting Disney references aside, this strapless dress is beautiful! The dress is made out of a mesh material that does remind me of a think crochet pattern. With this dress, I did stay away from any bracelets or bangles as I did not want these items getting caught on my dress. Instead, I decided to add a belt that will compliment my tiny frame. Be sure to look through your closet to see if you have any fun belts that you can use to compliment this dress. The belt is old but is certainly still very stylish and useful.



The best part about this entire look? It is under $100 USD. With summer around the corner, you can rest assure that this look is going to look great at parties or a date night. Keep in mind that a cardigan or jacket are also great additions to this look. Is yellow not your color? Not to worry! This mesh dress is also available in a mint color. If you choose to purchase this dress, I hope you feel as regal as I do in it!


Can one ever have too many dresses? I certainly do not think so! I have the pleasure of having a shopping day with my best friend of ten years and I had a blast. One look that continues to dazzle is the sheath dress. It is a dress that compliments all shapes and sizes. This beautiful dress is available in both regular and petite sizes.



The first thing that attracted me to this dress was the color. I am a sucker for bright colors during this time of year. Spring style means bringing out your colorful dresses and accessories after all! Since my complexion is on the lighter side, this dress gave my skin some extra glow. The moment I saw myself in this dress, I was in love.



Dress: Calvin Klein || Bag: Kate Spade


The dress is made out of a polyester, rayon, and spandex material. I am very sub-conscious of how my stomach looks in dresses (when you don’t work out and sit for most of the day, this is what happens lol). The dress hugs my small, petite frame in all the right places. It gives a slimming look and is super light. The removable belt gives the dress a nice touch and acts more as an accessory. In other words, the dress fits well with or without the belt.


Calvin_Klein_Petite_Sleeveless_Moto_Sheath_Dress_timeless_optimist_petite_fashion_kate_ spade_Cobble_Hill_Mini_Carson_Leather_Crossbody.1jpg

Dress: Calvin Klein || Bag: Kate Spade


I decided to accessorize this look with a some simple accessories. One of my favorite accessories is a crossover bag.I decided to pick out this beautiful Kate Spade bag because of the color and size. I wanted the primary focus to remain on the dress so keeping my bag small was key. I was introduced to Charles by Charles David pumps in my last Trunk Club and fell in love. These pumps are super comfortable that also give an elegant touch.



In these images, I am wearing a size 6 in the Charles David pump. The dress is a 4P. If you are searching for a great dress for work, graduation, or party, this is certainly the dress for you. It is fun to get new outfits, but it is important that you feel elegant, beautiful, and sexy in anything that you wear. In this dress, I feel like I can rule the world. 😛




Hi loves! If you live on the east coast, chances  you have been facing rainy weather and grey skies in the past couple of days. This can make it difficult to find the right outfit for work or school. Since I am always cold, my go-to fashion accessory of choice is a scarf. Even on a sunny day like today, a scarf is a great accessory to spice up your wardrobe. Today, I found a way to add some more color (and sparkle) to the beloved accessory.



I was introduced to Gina (the founder of Sinchi Scarf) a few weeks ago by one of my favorite college professors. Talk about someone who has a passion for scarves in the fashion world! She decided to start Sinchi Scarf because of her love for accessories. I was introduced to Gina by one of my favorite college professors and she is by far one of the kindest souls have had the pleasure of meeting. She graced my mailbox with new scarfs to accessorize with Sinch Scarf jewels of different colors.


Jewel: Sinchi Scarf  Top: Express

I absolutely love the look and design of these jewels. It is an easy accessory to use. When you use the jewel, it has teeth that allow the jewel to stay on safely on your scarf. This jewel also has a lot of versatility. You can also attach this beautiful jewel to your purses or even use them to decorate for centerpiece additions and table settings. Gina offers many different ways to accessorize with Sinchi Scarf on her Instagram.



The Sinchi Scarf jewel is now one of my go-to accessories. The Sinchi Scarf jewel comes in many different colors and designs. As a petite fashion lover, I am always thrilled to try on new accessories. Whether you are 4’8 or 6’2, a scarf and the Sinchi Scarf jewel are great accessories for women of all shapes and sizes.