Petite friendly fall trends 2019



I know, I know. Technically we are still in summer but I can’t help myself! Fall on the east coast is beautiful! As the girl who is always cold, I look forward to adding extra layers to my style. Speaking of style, today I am sharing petite friendly fall trends that you can rock with ease (even if you are under 5’4).

Animal print

Fall is dominated by animal prints and it’s easy to see why! Animal prints are timeless and are super easy to style. I like to pair animal prints with a pop of color to add extra personality to my look.

Slip skirts

There is a misconception that petite women cannot wear longer pieces like maxi dresses (I debunk that misconception here). That being said, slip skirts might seem intimidating since they are on the longer side. The trick is to make sure that they do not go past your ankles. PRO TIP: pair a slip skirt with a pair of booties to give you some extra height.

Knee high boots

These bad boys dominate fall fashion and it is easy to see why! Knee high boots are easy to style with a sweater dress or your favorite jeans. Below I have linked my favorite petite friendly knee high boots for you to check out!

Wool hats

Being petite has its perks like the fact that we can rock hats with ease! I find that wool hats are the best accessory for fall (they are cute + plus keep your head warm when the weather gets cooler).

Tiny bags

A trend that I hope is here stay! Plus, these bags prevent you from lugging around a heavy bags filled with things you don’t need 😉

I hope this post helps you try out some new trends without feeling overwhelmed. What’s your favorite fall trend this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


T-shirt: H&M // Lace Cami: Nordstrom // Headband: H&M // Jeans: J.Crew


Petite friendly sweaters under $50


Sweater weather is here! As such, it is time to break out our fall wardrobe as we approach a new season of crisp air, apples and pumpkin flavored everything. So today, I wanted to dedicate a post to petite friendly sweaters that are under $50.

Caslon Side Snap Tunic Sweater

This tunic sweater is what inspired me to write a blog post about petite friendly sweaters! I got this beauty during this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I am so grateful. This sweater is so flattering for petites that can be worn as a dress or layers with jeans/shirt. In these images, I am wearing it in size S for extra coziness. If you want this piece to be true to size, size down.


Sweater: Nordstrom // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Steve Madden

A New Day Any Day Casual Fit Long Sleeve Open Neck Ribbed Cardigan

I don’t know if it is the color or the length but this cardigan sweater is absolutely lovely! I can’t wait to pair this beauty with a booties and my favorite pair of jeans.


Sweater: Target // Dress: Target

A New Day Long Sleeve Cozy Sweater Cardigan 

This sweater has it all. A beautiful color and oh so cozy!


Sweater: Target // T-Shirt: H&M // Slippers: LC Lauren Conrad

More sweater options:



Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty: what I have my eye on


I am interrupting your NYFW coverage to give you info on this year’s Ulta’s 21 days of beauty sale!  There are a lot of great items that will be on sale during the next few weeks and I want you to take advantage of them! There is no better time to do some shopping at Ulta. Let’s dive in:

September 6

Perricone MD High Potency Classics Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizer

regular $60 // on sale for $49.50

This is going to be a great option for fall or winter when you need extra moisture to your skin. Awesome for sensitive skin!

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

regular $25 // on sale for $12.50

One of my favorite mascaras! It gives a lot of volume (aka makes your lashes look fuller).

September 7

Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE Age Defy Moisturizer

regular $50 // on sale for $25

If you only use organic products, this is a great option.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

regular $23 // on sale for $11.50

Everyone’s favorite brow liner is on sale! Be sure to stock up early – these are bound to sell out fast!

September 8

Smashbox Photo Finish Reduce Redness Primer

regular $39 // on sale for $19.50

If you suffer from rosaeca like I do, this primer is going to help you out! The green color cools down any redness allowing you to put foundation on that will stay and will not show the redness in your skin.

TOO FACED Natural Eye Palette

regular $38 // on sale for $19

In terms of eye palettes, these are great colors for every day use (as the name suggests).

September 9

Benefits Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder

regular $30 // on sale for $15 

I have two favorite bronzers and this one is one of them! I love how natural it looks when I put it on.

September 10

SL Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse

regular $44/ on sale for $22 

A tanning lotion that has not failed me! I love that it doesn’t leave streaks and is easy to apply on.

Buxom Va-va Plump Shiny Liquid lipstick

regular $20 // on sale for $10

Buxom has a great lip plumping formula! My favorite color is Come to Dolly – it’s such a lovely mauve color!

September 11

Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner

regular $18 // on sale for $9

My plan is to get this in Dolly Danger 🙂

September 12

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleaner

regular $16 // on sale for $8

Foaming cleansers are fantastic for sensitive skin! They cleanse skin without irritating your skin.

September 13

LORAC Front of the Line PRO liquid eyeliner

regular $23 // on sale for $17.50

One of my favorite eyeliners for the past few years! The felt tip makes it super easy to glide it on your eye lid.

September 14

Kylie Cosmetics Posie K Matte Lip Kit

regular $29 // on sale for $14.50

September 15

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

regular $34 // on sale for $17 

Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray

regular $32 // on sale for $16

September 16

Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

regular $69 // on sale for $34.50

September 17

Skyn Iceland Brightening Eye Serum

regular $40 // on sale for $20

New to Ulta, Skyn Iceland has become my latest skincare obsession which you can read about here. I can’t wait to get my hands on this serum!

September 18

PUR Mascara Pro Eyelashes – Bombshell

regular $14 // on sale for $7

My immediate thought for these bad boys was for the holidays. Who doesn’t want a little extra glam right?

September 19

Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick

regular $18 // on sale for $9 

Thanks to its matte formula, fans love Dose of Colors. I have been meaning to try their lipsticks for quite some time now. I can’t wait to try this brand for myself!

September 20

beautyblender Blendercleanser solid

regular $16 // on sale for $8 

An essential that you are going to want to stock up on!

September 21

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil

regular $22 // on sale for $11 

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra-Fine Shape & Define

regular $24 // on sale for $12 




Favorite books that I can’t get enough of

timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-favorite-books-that-I-can't-get-enough-of timeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-favorite-books-that-I-can't-get-enough-of -target-making-it-in-manhattantimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-favorite-books-that-I-can't-get-enough-of -target-making-it-in-manhattan-body-lovetimeless-optimist-petite-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-favorite-books-that-I-can't-get-enough-of -target-making-it-in-manhattan-life-according-to-mr.-rogersIMG-6348

I still can’t believe summer is pretty much over. It truly does fly by too fast. Last week on Instagram, I asked you all if you would like details on my some of my favorite books. So today, I am sharing with you all my favorite books of the season. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I have!

Be Well by Kelly Leveque

I first learned about Kelly’s book during on of Julie Solomon’s Influencer Podcast (I talk about my favorite podcasts here). The minute I heard her explain that her approach with food is “drama free” I had to give her book a go. Sure enough, this book addresses how to change your relationship with food instead of depriving yourself from diets that do not work. What I love most about the book is that she educates you on the science behind how and why certain foods affect us in a matter that is fun to understand.

#Futureboard by Sarah Centrella

This year, I have been focusing on nourishing my heart and soul from the inside out. I came across this book while I was on a Target run and decided to give it a go. What I love about it is that it has helped me to visualize and plan out my dreams in a way that keeps me motivated like never before. If you are looking to manifest a positive mindset, give this book a try. I am not exaggerating when I say that this book has changed my life – this is especially true as a business woman. It’s one of my favorite books for sure!

Making it in Manhattan by Caroline Vazzana

This was a book I re-read from last summer but it continues to inspire me. Let me tell you something about Caroline: she is always giving. I know her indirectly because of two mutual friends we have. And while we have not met in person, we chat a lot on IG. I reached out to her last year in disarray and hopelessness when I was in my corporate sales job. I asked her if she had any tips about diving into the fashion industry when you don’t have industry experience. She could have sent me a long, vague message but instead asked me if I could hop on the phone with her. Sure enough, she spent 2 hours talking about actionable steps I could take. The fact that she took time from her busy schedule to speak with me continues to inspire me as an influencer. I want to give back to my followers the way Caroline has for hers. 💖

Her book is a massive reflection of who she is as a person. She gives so many great tips and advice I wish I received when I was still in college. Nonetheless, her tips of networking, internships and being true to your unique self are evergreen. If you want to dive into the fashion industry, definitely give this book a try!

The World According to Mister Rogers

Yet another book I came across during a Target run but it continues to serve me well. This is a book filled with some of Mr. Rogers quotes, poems and short stories about courage, love and community. Even into my adulthood, I continue to admire Mr. Roger’s foresight and compassion. This book keeps my heart full on days when I need a reminder that the world around us is much more beautiful than we might realize.

Becoming Michelle Obama

All my life I have been told I was limited. As a woman, as a lower class citizen, the list goes on and on. So when my boyfriend Patrick got me Becoming Michelle Obama on CD, I was ecstatic. Michelle Obama has gone above and beyond the line of duty as a first lady and it is something I admired for years. Despite all her trails and tribulations, she tells her story with love and compassion – even when some of the topics she addresses are as negative as they can be. Truly one of the most inspirational books I have read all year!

Getting back to Happy by Marc and Angel Chernoff

Having a positive (and healthy) mindset has been a top priority of mine. What I love about this book is it has helped me to through some of my darkest times this year. After I got let go from my corporate job, this book has helped me navigate my sadness and fears into motivation. If you are going through some tough times, I highly recommend this book. It has allowed me to stop self-hate and strive to be kinder to myself everyday (which in turn, can help others around you).



You have been managing your hair wrong: here is why


When it comes to your hair, it can be a bit overwhelming to maintain. It turns out, many of us often wash our hair TOO OFTEN. In turn, this causes it to grow weak or dull. So today I am addressing how you are managing your hair wrong


It’s important to note that shampoo is meant to clean your scalp. Now I know some of you are reading this thinking “no sh*t” (lol) but hear me out: shampoo is mean to clean your scalp NOT YOUR HEAD. As such, when you are washing your hair you want to focus on massaging your shampoo into your scalp NOT on the ends of your hair. Adding shampoo to the ends of your hair will only do more harm than good e.g. tangles and lots of dullness.


Now that we established that shampoo is for your scalp, think in of conditioner in contrast. With conditioner, you want to focus on the ends of your hair and NOT your scalp. Adding conditioner to your scalp will only add product build up to your hair leaving it with a heavy, greasy feel. I like to keep my conditioner in for a few minutes then rinsing it our with cold water.

Recently, I have been using a deep conditioning treatment that I use twice a week. It is left on the ends of my hair for 5 minutes then rinsed out with cold water.

For extra hydration, I have been using Kérastase’s Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Serum for extra hydration. I use two pumps of product and lather it on to the ends of my hair before I go to bed.

Protect your hair from split ends

Did you know that most of the damage we cause to our hair happens when it is wet? A big mistake I used to make was brushing the ends of my hair with too much force and with a brush that too harsh. I highly recommend wet brushes because they are so much gentler with your hair. They also get knots of out of your hair like a charm!

I hope this helps your hair to grow faster and stronger! Be sure to check out my other beauty posts here.


Sweater: Nordstrom // Mug: Disney Store


Petite friendly jackets: transition from summer to fall


Is it weird that I am already finding myself getting cold lately!? The transition of seasons can be tricky. Thankfully, I have a simple guide to petite friendly jackets to help you transition from summer to fall with jackets that you will use over and over again!

Kut from the Kloth ‘Helena’ Denim Jacket 

This is a jacket that will easily become your new favorite. It is my original petite friendly jacket that I use all the time! I have own mine for the past two years and it is by far one of my best investments.

Allie Trenchcoat from Stitch Boutique

Everyone fell in love with this jacket earlier this winter and it is still a crowd favorite! It’s so timeless and super flattering! I am wearing my coat in XS. There are so many reasons why petite women should own at least one trenchcoat. I explain why here.

BLANK NYC Suede Moto Jacket 

A timeless piece that works great on all body types. Why is it one of my favorite pieces? Because of how it hits on my waist. It’s fantastic for petites! My suede jacket is in XS true to size.


Fun ways to dress for success – back to school edition!


As a late bloomer, the prime of my life was in college. That was the beginning of my love for fashion. While some of my fellow classmates wore sweats to class, I was always the girl who was “dressed up”. So today I am sharing my fun ways to dress for success. You can check out last year’s dress for success post here.

Use headbands

Having a bad hair day? Rock out your favorite headband! Headbands are the trend of the year thanks to their versatility. Regardless of what your body shape is, anyone can rock these gorgeous accessories while you dress for success!

Make blazers your best friend 

When it comes to making a statement as the badass woman you are, you need a blazer. Whether it’s paired with a dress for a presentation or worn with a pair of jeans, a blazer adds instant sophistication to your look.

Add heels to your look 

Ok, some of you might be rolling your eyes as you read that but hear me out – especially if you are petite! Wearing a great pair of heels is an easy way to polish your look. Below I have some of my favorite books that have a comfortable heel that you can wear on campus with ease.

Have fun with your makeup 

I have never been a conventional business student. Business professional clothing has always bored me so I always took my own spin on it with winged eyeliner or a bold red lip (turns out I was dressing like a congresswoman). 😉

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College is about educating yourself while having fun along the way. Don’t lose sight of that! As you start a new school year, I wish nothing but great times and success. 💋