Wedding guest outfit ideas



Wedding season is upon us! It is so much fun being a guest at a wedding, celebrating the union to two souls in love. Last year I wrote a post regarding wedding dress ideas and wedding etiquette. Since wedding season has officially arrive, I figured I would share some of my favorite wedding guest dresses that I am obsessing over.


Being 5’2 has its challenges at time but when it comes to fashion, we shorties don’t always have to struggle. Brands like Express, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and more offer petite styles to some of the most darling dresses.

From left to right

Gal Meets Glam // Maggy London (under $50) // Gal Meets Glam (the pink lace is so charming) // Gal Meets Glam (the sleeves are great if you are not a fan of your arms)

Maxi dresses

These dresses are so versatile! They can be dressed up with a cardigan like this one from Gal Meets Glam or dresses down with your favorite denim jacket.

From left to right

Banana Republic (runs true to size) // Maggy London // Gal Meets Glam // Express

High-low dresses

Another great option for petites. My favorite part about high low dresses is the way wind picks up the skirt. It’s so feminine yet elegant at the same time!

From left to right

Eliza J // Eliza J // Eliza J // Eliza J


Don’t feel like wearing a dress? Go with a jumpsuit! It’s the perfect piece for the modern woman.

From left to right

Gal Meets Glam bow jumpsuit // Eliza J (available in petites – and slimming at waist!) // Eliza J pink jumpsuit  // Eliza J off the shoulder jumpsuit (available in petites)


Dress: Eliza J (this print is sold out but the same style in available in different prints here & here // Headband: H&M // Shoes: Marc Fisher

Photography by Victoria Saperstein Photography 



Why flowers always make the best gifts




When it comes to giving a meaningful gifts, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. The gift of flowers had stood the test of times since they are visually stunning, meaningful and full of sentiment. So today, I sharing 5 reasons why flowers make the best gifts:

Giving the gift of flowers is timeless

Whether it is for a special occasion or just because, getting a bouquet of flowers is always an excellent way to brighten bring joy in someone’s day. The great thing about fresh flowers is you can pick a bouquet to tailor the person you are giving it to. For example, you may want to opt for tulips rather than roses if you wanted to give flowers as a just because gift.

Fresh flowers are budget friendly

It’s always stressful when Mother’s Day or other holidays come around. Sometimes it can feel like there is pressure to spend a lot of money on a great gift. A flower delivery is a great gift because it’s cost effective. Plus, someone else will make sure the bouquet will get to your loved one in one pieces so you don’t have to go out and pick it up yourself.

Flowers look great in any home

There is nothing quite like the look of fresh flowers. They are a fun gift to display plus add some extra color to any room in your home!

Easy to order from the comfort of your home

We all have busy lives. As such, time is precious. You can easily order a bouquet of flowers without having to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, you can enjoy an extra 20% off your next bouquet from FTD here.

A bouquet of flowers is something everyone can enjoy

Holidays like Mother’s Day can be tough. On the one end you can give her a box of chocolate but is she going to regret that gift later? Flowers are a gift that men and women of all ages can enjoy without any sense of guilt. They serve as a beautiful reminder that they are loved and cherished.

Thank you FTD for sponsoring this post! It has been an absolute delight showing off one of your beautiful arrangements. To get 20% your next floral arrangement, click here


Dress: Maggy London // also available here (under $50!)

Check out more details about this dress and other wedding guest outfit ideas here


How to make every day Earth Day


If there is one common theme you will notice on my Instagram it is my love for flowers. Perhaps it’s because I am a Taurus but when it comes to comfort, I find it in nature. As such, that is why you will often see flowers or floral prints in my styles. That is why I wanted to share with you some ways we can make a lasting impact on our world. We are not perfect but we are all capable of taking actions towards the greater good of our plant. Today, I am sharing simple steps as to how to make every day Earth Day. Here are some simple steps you can take to leave a small carbon footprint on the Earth:


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Use reusable bags

The benefits of using reusable bags vs plastic bags are limitless. If you are like me and forget to bring them with you sometimes, leave your reusable bags in your car. I also carry a small reusable bag that I got from the Disney store in my purse when I go shopping as well.

Let’s say you have plastic bags that you want to recycle. There are many retailers including Target, JCPENNY and Whole Foods that have recycling boxes for you to leave your unwanted plastic bags. In New Jersey, here are some of the places that have recycling boxes at their stores:

  • A&P Food Stores
  • ACME
  • Emerson Cleaners
  • Foodtown
  • Home Depot
  • JCPenny
  • Lowe’s
  • McCaffrey’s
  • Pathmark
  • Sam’s Club
  • Shop Rite
  • Stop & Shop
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans Food Market Inc
  • Weis Market
  • Whole Foods


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Replace plastic bottles with glass bottles or stainless steel tumbler

Making Earth Day every day is easier than you might think. Using glass bottles is a great way to reduce the use of plastic in your home. I got a glass bottle from BKR in my FabFitFun box last year and it has been a lifesaver. The silicon cover prevents it from cracking. Consider tumblrs like this one by Yeti that will keep your drink warm or cool like this one.


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Purchase glass containers instead of plastic containers

Speaking of glass, consider replacing your plastic containers with glass ones. I find that they keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. In fact, Target has some great ones in stock like cute green ones here.


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Consider ethical fashion

I love that H&M has a conscious line. This line is created from recycled materials. In fact, H&M has a bin where you can drop off articles of clothing you do not need. Your old pieces are recycled and they give you 15% to enjoy on your next shopping trip. Talk about a win-win!

In short, there are many ways that each of us can make a difference in making our world cleaner. What are some ways you help make less of a carbon footprint on our world? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below!


Best red lipstick brands of 2019

You gotta love how bold and timeless red lipstick can be. Recently, I Marie Kondo’d though my lipstick stash because we only need a few tubes of red lipstick right? That being said, here are my favorite red lipstick brands of 2019. This post is not sponsored by the way. It is simply a honest review of red lipsticks that I am in love with.


After getting this lipstick for Christmas, I have been in love! The color is very pigmented. Additionally, the formula does dry out your lips. It is the perfect shade of red that flatters all skin type! You can get the entire set that comes with the lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow for $18 or the lipstick separately for $7.



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Diva is my go-to color when I want a wine colored lip. My recommendation is to exfoliate your lips before you put it on. I do find that the color last well throughout the day but if you do not exfoliate, your lips can get dried out. My go-to lip exfoliator is by Lush.


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timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-petite-fashion-mas-amor-por-favor-life-lately-from-illness-to motivation-mas-amor-por-favor-j-crew-rattan-clutch-gingham-skirt

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I do have to disclose that this lipstick was gifted to me by Influenster. However, gifted or not, I was going to try out this lipstick nonetheless. Maybelline has great quality when it comes to their lipsticks which is why I try out their new lipsticks each year. The color I a wearing is Pink Fetish. Even through the color has the word pink in it, the color is definitely more on the red side! What I love most about this color is that with the pigmentation comes a soft, velvety formula that lasts throughout the day. I also used Maybelline’s lipliner in Brick red in these photos.



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Stila continues to be a brand that I cannot stop raving about. Their liquid lipstick has a matte formula that lasts 8+ hours (it’s my go-to lipstick when I am at work. Somehow, it does not melt off!). What I also love about Stila is it’s durablibily. This is a lipstick I use almost every day – my tube can easily last me 8 months! 


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Another great lipstick that you can get at a great price! I bought this lipstick on a whim during a visit to CVS and I am so glad I got it. This is another great color that anyone can wear. I will say that is a lipstick that does not last as long throughout the day. If I eat something, I do have to re-apply it later in the day. It’s a lipstick great for photoshoots or meetings where you need an extra pop of color.


Spring style favorites from Karen Kane

Petite-friendly​ summer trends 2019-2.png

I have been blogging for the past year and I have to say, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be here today. If you are new to my page, you must know that this blog began as a passion project. Since I started my blog three years ago, it continues to be a passion project as well as a side hustle.

Two years ago, I was introduced to Karen Kane when I fell in love with one of their black lace dresses. I wore it on a cruise and it continues to be one of my favorite dresses to date. Flash forward to this year, I had the privilege to work with Karen Kane to promote some of the latest pieces from this spring/summer 2019 collection! They sent me two pieces from their latest collection and I cannot wait to share with you all the details about these pieces.

Striped blazer 


A great blazer is always a piece that every woman should have in their wardrobe. I love this striped blazer because it’s light yet structured. It only comes in regular sizing but I was able to find the perfect size by sizing down. For reference, I am wearing this blazer in XS.


Blazer: Nordstrom ; also sold here // Jeans: Articles of Society // Pumps: QVC (under $50) // Headband: H&M

Floral print dress 


I have yet to find a floral print dress that I can say no to. I love how light this dress is as well as versatile. It can be worn as a cover up or dressed up with a belt, heels and a stylish bag the way I did here. Since the weather is still a little brisk, I pair this dress with my favorite denim jacket. I chose to size down with this dress as well since it only comes in regular sizing. I am wearing it XS.


Dress: Karen Kane // Belt: J.Crew // Bag: similar here and here

I hope these pieces from Karen Kane inspired you to dress up your spring wardrobe. I have a lot of spring style pieces I have been crushing on so be sure to check them out! What are some of your favorite pieces to wear in the spring? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Photos by Victoria Saperstein Photography 

Thank you Karen Kane for sponsoring this post! Both the blazer and dress were gifted to me.


Scrunchies and bows – hair accessories I love


Hi loves! What a week it has been. Firstly, I want to apologize that this this blog post is a day late. I got hit with a violent stomach virus so I have been asleep for almost 2 days straight! Anyhoooo, let’s get to this week’s top: scrunches and bows.

My new job involves me waiting on tables. That’s right! I am waitressing again. Because of my new job, I need to have my hair pulled back at all times. Therefore, I have been trying to come up with creative ways to style my hair with scrunchies or cute headband pieces like this one!

One of the girls at my restaurant came in with a scrunchie with a bow on it and I loved how it looked on her. As a result, I had to do some shopping to get one for myself! I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful scrunchies at Urban Outfitters for $6! You can check them out here. They have a variety of different color options and are so soft! The fabric from the bow is also removable so you can wear the scrunchie on its own.

To sum up: I love that the 90’s are back in women’s fashion! What 90’s trend have you been adding to your looks spring lately? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! You can also check out some of my favorite fashion pieces for spring here.

Here are some more hair pieces that I am in love with:


Coat: OLD – similar style here // Scrunchie: Urban Outfitters (under $10!) // Earrings: Baublebar


The importance of practicing gratitude every day

timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-the-4-best-podcast-for-bloggers-and-entrepreneurs-2timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-floral-dress-petite-fashion-womens-fashion-katie-vee-photography-The importance-of practicing-gratitude-every-day-2019timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-floral-dress-petite-fashion-womens-fashion-katie-vee-photography-The importance-of practicing-gratitude-every-daytimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-dresses-and-sneakers-lc-lauren-conrad-bag-kohls-banana-republic-1440x2158timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-banana-republic-nordstrom-halogen-jacket-petite-womens-fashion-1440x2158

There was a word that I chose to be the forefront of my year: JOY. The truth is that finding joy has been a bit of a struggle for me. I have had a lot of personal struggles with my mental health. What sent me over the edge was getting laid off from my full time job in February.

I have been finding myself feeling absolutely helpless. My anxiety has been through the roof. Often, I feel like I do not have a chance to get out of the heartache I am going through.

I realized this weekend, however, that the reason I have been unhappy is not because of a lack of control. It’s because I am not taking the time to be truly grateful  for the blessings I have.

Have you ever written out a list of things you are grateful for? I find that I was write these lists far too vaguely. In turn, I have been struggling to be grateful every day.

When it comes down to it, we need to really focus and be specific on what we are grateful for. For example, these are some of the things I am grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for my community. When I announced that I was laid off on Instagram, my heart was filled with so much joy. Because so many of my followers reached out offering me advice or even a chance to talk about the whole situation. It turns out, there were a lot of women who have had to deal with a lay off and were more than willing to help out in any way they could.
  2. I am grateful for my closest friends and family. I’m grateful that I have so many deep and meaningful relationships that have helped me to  stay focused on moving forward instead of feeling sorry for myself. They continue to shower me with more love and support than a girl could ever ask for.
  3. I am grateful that I have a new job. As a girl who has been financially responsible for herself since 16, I was haunted by of the fear of not paying my bills on time. Thankfully I am not struggling and for right now, that is all that matters.
  4. I am grateful that I have a home. When I get home from work, I have the luxury of taking a warm shower, change into clean clothes and end my evening by blogging or watching Friends at the end of the night. A home is a blessing and it is one we can’t afford to take for granted.
  5. I am grateful for my car. My friends and family know that I basically live in my car and that is because I spend so much time in it. Whether it is for Target runs or to get to work, I am so grateful that I never have to worry about getting when I need to be.

My list could go on and on. Here is the bottom line: when you are practicing gratitude, do it on a day-to-day basis by being specific. The more specific you are when practicing gratitude, the happier you will be. Life sure can be tough at time. As long as you take the time to truly focus on what is important, you will be able to face anything that comes your way.

Photography by Katie Vee Photography