Last week, I came across a post that my dear friend Lizzie from Lizzie in Lace posted on her Instagram. She explained how a “friend” had made a comment about how her content is uninspiring and “not creative”. Reading her post absolutely broke my heart. While we bloggers make it seem like we have an effortless life, the reality is that we are hustlers who are working none stop.

I want you all to understand one thing: behind every blogger is a human being. A person that has joys and fears just like anyone else. No one is obligating you to like my content or any other blogger’s content for that matter. If you do not like what someone is posting,  move on. Don’t be a mean girl. Mean girls is a movie, ladies. The movie should not be a way of life you should be taking.

It turns out Lizzie was not the only person who had to deal with someone maliciously criticizing her work. That same day, I had an internet troll of my own criticizing my website. They said that my website design sucked and that they could not navigate through it. Much like Lizzie, I tried not let that person’s comment bother me. But I am not letting someone else’s opinion stop me from doing what I love.

Being a mean girl hinders women from excelling – not just in the work force. If you chose to be a mean girl, understand what will come with your behavior: loneliness, lack of trust and the inability to progress in your career. Mean girls finish last by not only destroying the lives of others but also destroying their own lives in the process.

So what happened to that internet troll? I blocked them from my page. I have decided to surround myself only with people who inspire me – both in my personal and online professional life. And Lizzie? She had an outpouring of love and support from her followers. My fellow bloggers and influencers, if you ever find yourself facing criticism that is malicious, do not stand for it. We all work far too hard to have to deal with negativity in our lives.


Dress: BB Dakota // Earrings: BaubleBar // Shoes: Marc Fisher // Lipstick: Urban Decay



There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone else’s dream come true. Being a blogger has given me the opportunity to meet with some amazing girl bosses. Last week, I had the wonderful privilege to meet Caitlin from Stitch Boutique of Montclair and Madison NJ.  If you are ever visiting Upper Montclair, you have to come visit Stitch Boutique. It is the more darling little store with a wide variety of brands.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop at department stores. But sometimes a girl needs to shop in a smaller, more intimate setting. Stitch Boutique was once an old bank. In fact, when you visit the store, you will find that the old vault has been completely redesigned. Along with lavish pieces from Cupcakes and Cashmere to Blank NYC, Stitch also features clutches, shoes and much more!

My dear friend Karen joined me for a shopping spree. We had an absolute blast picking out pieces to buy and of course, playing dress up! It was an absolute delight hearing about Caitlin’s story about her love of fashion as well as more about her store. Consider your small businesses in your town this spring. When you take the time to shop at one, you are fueling someone’s dream.

This week, I have also collaborated with some fellow bloggers to giveaway a Gucci bag and Urban Decay Lipglosses. Best of luck and thank you all for your continuous support!




timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-New arrivals-from-Urban-Decay-Cosmetics+Sephora-Spring-Sale-eventstimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-urban-decay-cosmetics-backtalk-cheek-and-eyeshadow-palettetimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-urban-decay-backtalk-eyeshadow-and-cheek-palette-sephora-ultatimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-urban-decay-naked-petite-heat-sephora-ultatimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-urban-decay-naked-petite-heat-sephora-ulta-urban-decay-eyeliner

There are some cosmetic companies I cannot get enough of. Urban Decay is one of them! I find myself constantly falling in love with pretty much anything they produce. Their All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a part of my morning routine when I put on my makeup. (You can get it in a smaller bottle for $15 here). So you can only imagine how excited I was when they sent me FREE products from their latest launch. Dreams DO come true! This is a blog post that I am so excited to share with you all! Please note that I am writing this post not to brag by any means. I also want to disclose that this post was in no way sponsored. It is simply my gratitude to Urban Decay for sending me all these amazing products to try and share.

URBAN DECAY Backtalk Eye & Face Palette

This limited edition palette has the most beautiful colors! My favorite part about this palette is that the mirror is removable. The color are so bright and colorful – just the way to welcome spring! Another favorite product from Urban Decay is their eyeshadow primer potion. My oil skin makes it hard to wear eyeshadow without it smearing. That is why this primer is so important!

URBAN DECAY Naked Petite Heat

The perfect palette to take with you on the go! The colors in this palette are all have warm undertones. The warm colors have been elevating my smokey eye look that I do on a day -to-day basis. My favorite brush to achieve a smokey eye is MAC 224 brush. The way the brush is made allows for you to use it along the end of your crease without patting too much of the color on your eye.

URBAN DECAY Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss

I starting jumping up and down like a kid when I opened these. I LOVE lipglosses. Each of them having a cool, tingling sensation when you put them on. The best part: they are not super sticky. It goes on clean and it is so pigmented!

Each of these pieces are so amazing. The best part is that you can get them in a few week while enjoy a discount! Sephora is going to be having a spring sale for two weeks this April.

Be sure to sign up as a  Sephora Beauty Insider member (it’s free). Once you do, you are instantly qualified to shop the Sephora Spring Bonus— a once-yearly beauty event where you can shop the retailer’s top-converting makeup, skincare, and fragrance products at a starting point of 10% off.

Next, after you spend a certain amount on Sephora products, your Beauty Insider membership will be elevated to a VIB or Rouge membership for even more Spring Bonus benefits!


First Access + Bonus Weekend Sephora Rouge Member Event, April 13–16: Sephora Rouge members get first dibs to shop this season’s top beauty finds at 15% off a full week earlier than Beauty Insider and VIB members!

Sephora VIB + Beauty Insiders Member Event, April 20–23: All VIB members will receive access to shop Spring Bonus products at 15% off, and Beauty Insider members will be able to shop the same at 10% off.



Hi loves! Finally, a new blog post. Sorry I had been absent for the last week. I am still getting into the groove of my new job. I was scrolling on Pinterest this week and I came across a graphic. The graphic was explaining pieces that petite women should and should not wear. One of them was maxi dresses and skirts! I could not believe it. I wear these pieces all the time. I can tell you that this 5’2 girl is able to wear them without looking like I am swimming in them.

That being said, I want to show you all that yes, petite women can wear maxi dresses. There are tons of brands that offer petite dress size options like Banana Republic, Loft and Ann Taylor. My favorite brand for maxi dresses by far are by Eliza J. These dresses are available at retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s and Lord & Taylor.

I will be the first to admit that these dresses can be a little pricey. They range from $100-$200. If you ask me, they are worth the price because of their quality. The fabrics are so luxurious and fit well on my petite frame. My first maxi dress from Eliza J I reviewed here. You certainly get what you pay for when you get an Eliza J maxi dress: quality, longevity & elegance. The best part about this brand is that it also offer plus sizes too! Styles for all types of beauty. So go ahead my fellow petite ladies. Get yourself a maxi dress. You are going to look amazing!


Dress: Eliza J // Coat: KUT from the Kloth // Shoes: Marc Fisher // Lipstick: Urban Decay // Lipgloss: Urban Decay



You asked and now I am delivering!  Last week on Instagram, I announced how I started a new job (exciting right!?) Additionally, I asked if any of you would like me to post advice on how to stand out on your next interview. The response was incredible! I am by no means an expert. Nonetheless, there are several take aways that I have from the dozens of interviews I have been on:

Do your research. This starts by doing some homework on the company you are going to be interviewing for. Check out reviews from Glassdoor to read what people have said about the business. All of these reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt but looking at Glassdoor reviews allow you to get a sense of how a business operates. Make sure you get to your interview at least 15-20 minutes early so you can fill out any necessary paperwork. This also gives your some extra time to observe the waiting room. See what literature is available. I like to do this because it gives me an idea of what the company values.

Be engaged. In addition to learning about the business you are interviewing for, you need to show your potential employer that you are engaged and eager about the position you are applying for. That being said, do not leave an interview without asking any questions. This will show the person you are interviewing for that you are engaged and listening to the needs of the business. Additionally, you are interviewing the business too. Ask questions so YOU can confirm that you are a fit to work there. It’s ok to say no to a business that you do not feel you will excel in. I like to write down a list of 3-5 questions on a notebook the night before an interview so that I can have them prepared. This prevents from scrabbling your thoughts during an interview. Bring that notebook with you and a pen. As the interview progresses, write down questions or thoughts that come to mind during the interview. You can reference them later when you are deciding on how you feel about the business. Some questions you might want to ask during your first interview can include:

  • How is the turnover rate here?
  • What has keep you at _________ for _____ years?
  • What are some things that _________ does to boost morale?
  • Can you describe what daily tasks are to be completed for this role?
  • I read a review on Glassdoor that was on the negative side. Can you comment on it?
  • Does this job require travel?
  • What percent of my day would be spent at the office/on the phone/with clients?

* Questions regarding salary, benefits, etc are to be discussed during your SECOND interview. Refrain from asking questions in this capacity as it gives off the impression that your only concern is money and not to fulfill the needs of the position available.

Smile! This seems like a silly piece of advice but it is important to address. You want this job you are interviewing for right? If so, smile! Be friendly and approachable. It’s ok if you are nervous (we all go through it) but do not let your nervousness leave the wrong impression. Smile and take a deep breath. Several deep breaths if needed. I promise you, the person interviewing you is not going to bite your head off (lol).

Dress well. A little cliché but here me out. In order to be taken seriously, you need to dress correctly to demand the right attention. Ladies, I recommend a blazer and work pants. If you choose to wear a dress, make sure that it is no more than 3 inches above your knee. There are people who will hire a woman for all the wrong reasons. Make sure that you are hired for the right ones by dressing professionally. Above else, wear comfortable shoes! You may have a chance to have a tour of the business. Your feet will thank me! Men, wear a blazer if you have one. If not, a button up shirt will suffice with dress pants and a belt. Do not forget to tuck in your shirt. Avoid the following during an interview:

  • Sleeveless tops
  • Tank tops
  • Sheer tops
  • Denim
  • Sneakers
  • Facial piercings – if you have them, take them off before an interview.
  • Tattoos – it is ok if you have them but make sure they are covered.
  • Open toes shoes/sandals/flip flops

Relax. Be good to yourself the night before an interview. Have your outfit picked out and ready to go for the next day. Be sure to get plenty of rest by going to be bed early. Above all, relax. Put on a face mask or take a warm shower before you go to bed. Preparing yourself the night before will help to alleviate some stress.

So when do you know if you should take the job? Trust you gut. If for any reason, something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Do not ignore your intuition. Talk over the interview with a loved one and look over your notes. If it seems right, accept the job. Otherwise, it is ok to say no. When you accept a job, you should feel like it is one that will allow you to advance in your career as well as make your feel valued. Now take these tips and go show the world how amazing you are. You got this loves!


Cardigan: Loft // Sleeveless shirt: Banana Republic // Pants: OLD – similar by ASOS // Clutch:  Anthropologie // Shoes: TOMS