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Considering the Sweat app as a purchase? Here is what I found when I started using the app.

Hello loves! Now that February has begun, I wonder how you are all doing with your New Years Resolutions. Some of you may be doing very well. For some, you may be finding that keeping your resolutions are already becoming a challenge. This year, I decided that I did not want to focus on getting skinny or losing weight, but rather become healthier and stronger. One way that I have been able to do so is by using the Kayla Itsines Sweat app. Here is what I found out about the app in the past few months that I have been using it.

  1. No counting calories. One thing that attracted me to Kayla Itsines and her nutritional advice was the fact that she does not count calories. Rather, she focuses her recipes on getting proper nutritional value from all of your meals. Instead of focusing on calories, you can on stay active while still enjoying a wide variety of different recipes. These recipes are provided to you straight from the app!
  2. Pre-planned meals. I am someone that loves to schedule my week day-especially my meals for the week. As much as I love to eat out from time to time, eating out can be very expensive. The Sweat App gives you meal ideas for the week that you can either prepare ahead of time or the day of. The best part about this app is that it gives you a shopping lists of ingredients that you will need for the week. Your grocery bill will literally be in the palm of your hand through the app.
  3. Customization for meal plans. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can add this information to your profile. As such, your meal plans are catered to your specific needs (and the meals are delicious).
  4. A recent featured that was just added to the app is a planner. The app will sync into your primary e-mail calendar to help remind you to do your exercises for the day. This feature is a smart and effective way to keep on track with your exercise throughout the week. This new feature has been a fantastic way to keep me on track with my goals.
  5. I love the customized water log. Did you know that there is such a thing as over-hydration? Yep, this is a real thing and it is someone I encourage you to read more about (thank you, community college nutrition course). As such, the Sweat App has a water log that will show you whether you need to drink more water throughout the day or stop. The water the amount of water is needed for your body is determined by your weight. It’s pretty cool!

I also love that the Sweat App has different exercises that you can do throughout the week in order for you to see results. More so, the Sweat app is now really affordable. It is 19.99 USD a month to use the app. I read several blogs and reviews before I decided to give the Sweat app a chance. I can agree that having access to a gym HELPS when using this app to strengthen your body. I don’t necessarily agree that you need to go to the gym or need to have a personal gym in order to use this app (let’s face it, going to a gym can be intimidating. I certainly am not a fan of public gyms myself). I can say that you do need the following items to be able to get the most of the Sweat app. They include:

  • A yoga mat. I found that having one helps you not only maintain your balance but also ease your back and wrists when applying pressure to them. Needless to say, a yoga mat will be an invest-whether you decide to use the Sweat app or not.
  • A muscle foam roller. This was an item that I have never heard about until I started using this app (this extensive exercise thing is new to me lol). You can purchase one through the Kayla Itsines website or online on Amazon (that is where I got mine). The reason I ended up purchasing my muscle foal roller from Amazon to take advantage of my Amazon Prime account.
  • Weights. Don’t worry, you do not have to go crazy with them. I do recommend getting weights not just for this app but also to use in the future to keep your arms toned. If you are short on cash, ask around and see if you can borrow weights. You might even be able to convince your friends to join you in strengthening your body.
  • Medicine ball. Again, this might be a product that you might not have right away at your disposal. I did find that without the medicine ball, I could not complete some of the workout that I needed to do. I ended up improvising some exercises with weights instead.

Conclusion: The Sweat app is a great way to stay active on your goal to strengthen your body. I follow Kayla Itsines on Instagram and Twitter. The fact that  she promotes having self-worth and confidence by promoting good health and strength is really admiring. If you like to plan your meals ahead of time, you will definitely find this app very useful. You are NOT going to get immediate results right away. I have noticed after two months I have a lot more energy and strength. Let’s be frank, a healthy lifestyle is not a quick fix. Results that will last (and continue to last) will one happen when our eating habits change and we stay active. I truly believe that this app can be useful for anyone who is serious about becoming healthier. Learn more about Kayla Itsines by checking out her website here.


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