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Are you considering getting your first Birchbox? How exciting! But before you do, what exactly should you expect from your small little gift to yourself every month? Check out my list of things to consider before you get your first Birchbox in the mail.

First of all, what exactly is Birchbox? The company started up in 2010 by two Harvard graduate (fancy, fancy). It provides women (and men) a chance to try new products such as cosmetics, hair products, and sometimes chocolate samples (oh yes, chocolate samples). It is very affordable to get your Birchboxes each month. You can choose to pay $10 USD a month or pay annual $110 USD. If you decided to pay annually, the first box is free.

So how does Birchbox know what to send you each month? When you become a member, you get a chance to create a custom profile on the birchbox  website. In your profile, you are asked questions like what is your hair type, what types of samples would interest you the most, etc. This customization is what has keep me a loyal customer for the past two years.

What is even better is that Birchbox has a rewards system too! If you leave a review of the products you try each month, your get 10 points per review. Once you earn 100 points, you have earned $10 USD in the Birchbox store. So anything you may want online you can get for practically for free after leaving several reviews. It’s a pretty sweet deal. I have had so many great products mailed to me without breaking the bank.

Getting a Birchbox is a lot of fun. I absolutely love that it is super affordable. The company has a love of big name brands on their website from Smashbox to Beauty Blender. Keep in mind that if you ever find yourself wanting to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. I have also given Birchboxes as gifts. They are a big hit! Hope this helps you  make a decision on whether or not to sign up for a Birchbox. Personally, I love that the little box is like a Christmas gift to myself throughout the year 😛



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    I’ll have to try it out someday 🙂