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I cannot believe that Halloween is already around the corner! My boyfriend and I rotate every year as to what our Halloween costumes are going to be. It was my year to pick and I was struggling to find a great costume for the two of us. After several Pinterest searches to find the best Halloween costume idea, I stumbled upon one of Lauren Conrad’s Halloween costumes. One year, she dressed up as Mary Poppins and I was immediately inspired.

Mary Poppins: Here is what you will need 

A Chiffon Top

The one I am wearing is sold out but I found a similar one here. I made sure to look for one that had some lace to give a European look. If you cannot find one exactly like mine, a plain collared shirt works just as well.

Black skirt 

I chose a solid black skater skirt but if you want a more authentic looking Mary Poppins costume, opt for a black midi skirt!

Black sweater tights

These served me well for functionality and style! They paired flawlessly with my heeled boots.

A wool hat

Finding the right hat was a bit of a hassle but I was able to find the perfect one on Amazon.

Cranberries and flowers from your local craft store

After a visit to Michael’s, I found the right items to embellish Mary’s hat properly. The cranberries that I used for my hat were in the Christmas decoration section (where the faux flowers are) and I found my daisies in the fall floral section. The hat has a ribbon around it so all you have to do is tuck in the flowers and cranberries into the hat with little to no hassle.

Red bow tie

Another easy purchase that I was able to find on Amazon (and it’s under $5).

Mary Poppin’s Parrot Umbrella 

Surprisingly, I was able to purchase my parrot umbrella online on the Disney Store website last year (I purchased it last September). I was able to find the same umbrella on Ebay!  I purchased the kids’ umbrella size because it was cheaper. 🙈


Bert: Here is what you will need 

Men’s dress pants

Men’s dress shoes 

Solid Grey long sleeve shirt 

Gray vest

Chimney broom



Many of the items listed above Patrick was able to pull from his closet. Don’t worry if the shirt and vest are not the same shade of grey. Patrick’s shirt and vest were not the same shade but still paired well together! There are a few items that Patrick had to purchase: his chimney broom, hat, and gloves. For his gloves, Patrick bought a cheap pair of gloves from Kohls and cut off the fingertips from the gloves. All there that’s left to do is throw some grey eyeshadow all over your face to give an authentic chimney sweep look!



Top: OLD; similar here (only $10 & great quality!)// Skirt: OLD ; similar here (under $15)// Hat: Amazon // Bowtie: Amazon // Umbrella: Ebay

Want more Halloween DIY inspiration? Check out how Patrick and I re-created Elliot and Gertie from E.T. here.

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  1. 10.15.17
    Morgan said:

    I love your costumes! They look so authentic yet simple to recreate using your tips!