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Hello loves! After a year of finishing college, I still find it weird that I am not going back to school this semester. It sounds incredibly nerdy, but I love school! Plus it’s fun to update your wardrobe for a new semester. Today I am sharing some of my favorite looks you can rock to dress for success for another semester.

Faux leather jackets

August into September can be an awkward time of year as the weather becomes cooler. As such, faux leather jackets are my go-to pieces since they can keep you warm and give some edge to your look. I completed this look with a wine colored floral top and white jeans. If you feel like wearing white jeans after Memorial day – go for it! I know I love to.



Jogger Pants

It is tempting to wear sweatpants to class. However, any time I have ever done this, I get restless. Sweatpants make me anxious to get back to my bed rather than pay attention to a lecture. Instead of sweatpants, wear jogger pants instead! You can dress them up with your favorite bodysuit or long sleeve shirt. I love wearing heels with jogger pants but if you are not into wearing heels at school, wear your favorite ankle booties instead! You can view the original post here.



Business casual dress pants

Regardless of what major you are in, you are going to need a business casual look. This will come in handy for internships, networking events and when you need to make presentations.  You only get the chance to make a good impression once. Make a great lasting impression with a fitted pair of business casual pants. My favorites are here.


Images by Katie Vee Photography

Trench dress

When in doubt, you can always go with a conservative trench dress or any dress for that matter! Banana Republic and Gal Meets Glam have some great dress options that you can easily wear to school. My favorites can be found below.

Artboard 2png

Images by Belkin Images

Chic backpacks for school

Additionally, dressing well for school is only part of the equation. You also have to have reliable technology and gear to keep you focused through the semester. I wish I had my Solgaard backpack when I was in college because it would have been so useful! It stores my laptop effortlessly and even comes with a battery pack so you can charge your phone!

In conclusion, college is an amazing time for you to shine your brightest. Dress for success and keep your expectations high with your studies. To everyone starting a new semester, best of luck! You are going to be amazing!

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