Best Halloween Costume Idea: Elliot & Gertie from E.T.


Not to brag or anything but my boyfriend and I are pretty awesome at Halloween! My most popular pin on Pinterest continues to be our costume idea of Mary Poppins and Bert that you can see here. This year, we wanted to do costumes that tackled two important issues: 1. Costumes that were creative and 2. Costumes that are not going to cost a fortune.

DIY styled costumes are my absolute favorite. There is so much joy to be had when you take pieces from your wardrobe and turn them into the costume from one of your favorite movies or stories. When we were deciding on Halloween costumes, our first place to look was none other than Pinterest. After hours of scrolling, we finally came across the costume we wanted to re-create: Elliot and Gertie from E.T. This is my inspiration behind one of the best halloween costume ideas we had!

Below is where we got our inspiration from. After that, it was time to get to work on our costumes.



In order to create the best halloween costume idea, it had to be super easy to put together. The process began with a plain striped shirt (I recommend using a bodysuit). When I put this costume together, I didn’t have one and it was a pain trying to tuck in a regular shirt. The next step was getting black overall. You can purchase a pair under $50 here. For reference, I am usually a size 4 in dresses. I purchased the overalls in a size 3 and they were a bit sung. Go up a size for these overalls! Afterward, I got some string to tie around my hair as pigtails. Next, I chose to wear my pink TOMS. Finally, to complete this look I needed to purchase a pot and flowers I purchased at Michaels. PRO TIP: If you wait a few weeks before Halloween, you can purchase faux fall flowers on sale! I got mine for under $5!


Overalls: Macys (Under $30) // Striped Top: Macys // Shoes: DSW



Patrick’s costume was also effortless to put together. He already owned a red hoodie sweater that he got from H&M (that you can also purchase here). Along with his favorite pair of jeans and his converse shoes, his costume was all set! Not only was this costume easy to put tighter but it also kept him warm while we joined his little sister for Trick-or-treating.


Hoodie: H&M // Jeans: Macys // Shoes: DSW



In our inspiration photo, the couple used an E.T. plush toy that you can purchase here. My boyfriend decided to take our costume up a notch and build an E.T. out of scratch. That’s right – he build E.T. The best part? E.T. was on a minute loop so he would say things like “E.T. phone home” or “Home?”.


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