Why scarfs and ponchos are must have accessories for fall

It’s never easy to say goodbye to summer. Nonetheless, we have to make the most of season changes right? One thing I do love about fall is all the layers that get added to our fall outfits. In fact, I don’t know what I would do without my scarfs and ponchos. So today I am going to explain why scarfs and ponchos are must have accessories for fall and why you need to make sure these amazing accessories are a part of your wardrobe.

They add extra texture to your look 

Animal prints are always great to wear in the fall. In fact, I have a guide as to how rock animal prints here. You see how my leopard print scarf adds personality to my look? Not only is this scarf charming but it’s also super warm.


J.Crew Wool Leopard Print scarf

They are easy to layer with 

I love that ponchos and scarfs are easy to add to almost any outfit. Take this look for example. A simple turtleneck and business pants look even more festive with my windowpane cape scarf. It can be worn as a poncho (as seen in these photos) or as a scarf. timeless-optimist-fashion-blog-Why-scarfs-and-ponchos-are-must-have-accessories-for-fall-jcrew-scarftimeless-optimist-fashion-blog-jcrew-cape-scarf-in-windowpane-Why-scarfs-and-ponchos-are-must-have-accessories-for-fall

Cape scarf in Windowpane

They offer a great pop of color

I love adding a pop of color with a multi-colored plaid blanket scarf like this one. Having a blanket scarf really ties this look together. Adding pops of red or even pink are easy with the right kind of scarf to accessorize with,


Willamette Wanderings Plaid Blanket Scarf in Sunrise

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