Welcome friends! Timeless Optimist is a destination for petite fashion, lifestyle and creative storytelling. This blog inspires women to dress well, be kind and make the world a better place. 

Timeless Optimist was founded in 2016. Cristina chose to focus on petite styled fashion as she is 5’2. As such, finding pieces that fit well can be struggle (one she understands far too well). Cristina found inspiration for her blog’s name from her favorite Essie nail polish color “Eternal Optimist“. After playing with several different adjectives, Timeless would be the adjective that would stand out. Thus, Timeless Optimist was born. 


Cristina was born and raised in New Jersey. As such, she finds most of her inspiration for her images and content in nature. Additionally, her love for fashion is inspired by her Latin roots, musical theater, Broadway. Her style icons include Selena Quintanilla Perez and Audrey Hepburn. Furthermore, Cristina’s style is made to showcase her vibrant and whimsical personality.


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Cristina has the honor to work with many reputable fashion and beauty brands. For instance, brands like ThirdLove, Skyn Iceland, UNIQLO, and Olay. In addition, Cristina works with local businesses like Stitch Boutique. Be sure to head over to our contact page for more information! 


As a blogger, my promise is to only work with brands that I believe in or trust. Above all, my goal  is to provide value to my readers by sharing stories of self-love-, joy and beauty from the inside out.